Lassoing Bourbon with Beef Jerky: Rustling up a ‘Wild’ Affair

There are certain combination that are detined to complement one another. Conider beef jerky and bourbon—it can’t get more American than that! The former invoke image of cowboy, rugged men with undying pereverance, who only allow themelve the mot modet of pleaure. The latter, born in the Bluegra, conjure a rich countryide appeal which i no le emphatic than it counterpart.Both erve a perfect table mate on the palate. The oak-intilled weetne and picy note of matured whikey meet it perfect match in a dried beef jerky loaded with ubtle hint of pepper and umami. In fact, thi pairing work like magic when you reach carb-aturation, but the urge of drinking and eating doen’t eize.The raw jerky flavor linger on your tate bud. Wahing it down with a dram of bourbon prove to be nothing le than a delightful treat! In fact, jut a ip can completely overwhelm the jerky reidue and trip the exce fat out of your mouth. The bet part—you won’t feel any fuller than you already where. So, make ure you top up on the chaer.When it come to pairing beef jerky with bourbon, there are many option you can explore. Mot chooe high-rye or wheat bourbon, but you can alo elect from thoe aged in wine barrel or cherry cak. Option for beef jerky are exhautive, varying with the ue of eaoning and pice. However, if you wih to tart off eay, conider the baic chili and lime beef jerky. A bite of thi will trigger a ruh of warmth from the cruhed dry chili, followed by the tangy trail of lime-laden beef. Pair it up with a dram of weet and moky bourbon. How about the highly recommended Four Roe? Thi ha a ditinct, fruity flavor profile bearing hint of cherry and ripe plum along and exude aroma of maple yrup, cocoa, caramel and vanilla. The overall weet texture of thi bourbon lowly cut through the ubtle warm note of chili, only to reet your tate bud for another round.For ome more intriguing variation, you can try peppered beef jerky meared with crumptiou ground white and black peppercorn. The hickory-moked flavor balance out well with a heavily textured bourbon like Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 YO. The piquant flavor of the bourbon can elevate the bitter-weetne of the jerky and take your tate bud for a wild ride.There are no et rule for pairing jerky with bourbon. Jut tick to your flavor preference and keep it imple—after all, that’ what any great meal i all about.