Kentucky Cousin

Is Kentucky Cousin a variant of tea? Or is it in fact a cocktail?

If you swear by bourbon and completely depend on tea when you wake up in the morning to kick start your day, Kentucky Cousin is what you can call your go-to cocktail. This amazing cocktail is not just a perfect drink after breakfast, but also offers a refreshing break from your schedule at the tired end of a day. While some people avoid adding the heavy cherry liqueur, we recommend you do. The fruity flavour accentuates both the bourbon and the tea. As of the bourbon, we suggest you pour in a Maker’s Mark, a Basil Hayden’s, or even a Booker’s to give this concoction a real twist.

So if you want to avoid drinking because you drank the day before, don’t feel guilty at all. Just tell yourself the cocktail has fruits and it’s mostly tea!

The Process

In a cocktail shaker, combine four mint leaves, two lemon slices, three cherries, and 15ml simple syrup. Drop one cup of ice cubes, 60ml bourbon, cherry liqueur and 30ml chilled brewed black tea in the shaker, and shake until frothy. This usually does not take more than a minute or two. Add half an ounce of lemon juice to the mix and shake for another thirty seconds. Pour into chilled double-old fashioned glasses. Garnish with a mint sprig, a lemon slice and a cherry.

Take a moment, play Deep Purple’s “Kentucky Woman” to get you into the groove before raising a toast to your incredible life and taking a long and satisfying sip!