Irish Whiskey and Fig Jam Cocktail

Irish whiskey has a rich history, with its beginnings dating back to the 12th century. Around 1000 A.D., on return from their travels, monks brought back the art of distilling perfumes to Ireland and the Irish modified this technique to obtain a drinkable spirit. The whiskeys made during those times were not aged, but flavoured with aromatic herbs such as mint, thyme or anise.

Today, Irish whiskey is a popular spirit often drunk in interesting flavour combinations. An oft overlooked fruit, the fig makes for an interesting blend and is fast gaining in popularity. With heady notes and dark, sweetly robust flavours that add a delightful texture to the drink, figs lend a unique dimension to the cocktail. This holds especially true when using preserves or a jam chock full of chunky, sweet flesh of the fruit. Not to mention, figs are high in iron and antioxidants that add a power shot of health to your tipple. This makes a dessert cocktail that is wonderful to wash down a delicious meal. So gather the ingredients for the recipe, and get mixing immediately!

The Process

Fill a martini shaker with ice. Combine 3 shots of rye whiskey, 2 tablespoons fig jam or preserves, 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice and a pinch of cinnamon in the shaker. Shake well for about ten seconds, till the ingredients are well mixed. Strain into two glasses. Garnish with a small sprig of lemon balm or thyme, and serve immediately!