The Golden Dram

A classic dram of aged, high-quality whisky like the Aberfeldy 12 Year Old calls to be savoured at leisure in order to be able to do it justice. Prepared using pure freshwater drawn from the Pitilie Burn which was known to contain deposits of alluvial gold, this whisky was christened ‘The Golden Dram’.

The elixir has a fruity, smoky and sweet caramel flavour profile, which unfolds gradually with each sip, reflecting its distinct character.

Although The Golden Dram cocktail can include any whisky of your choice, but the honeyed Aberfeldy dram is recommended, preferably the 12 Year Old variety.

Whip up this intriguing cocktail this holiday season and raise a toast with your family and friends. This cocktail is a modern twist to the classic Old-fashioned It accentuates the spicy, vanilla, and smoky hints of the honeyed dram.

The Process

To a slender champagne flute glass, add 5 ml of heather honey syrup (combining equal parts of hot water and heather honey, stirred and chilled), 2 dashes Angostura bitters, and 25 ml of your favourite Scotch whisky. Add ice and give it a good stir.

Gradually add the remaining 25 ml whisky along with some more ice, as you continue stirring. Garnish with a twirl of orange zest and peel over the drink to draw the flavours of orange to complement the bitter and balance the honeyed sweetness.

Serve your golden dream dram with pride this holiday season and surprise your guests as they yelp for more taste of this complex cocktail!