Get Your Party Started: Whiskey and Hors D'Oeuvres

Inviting friend and acquaintance over for drink i alway an exercie in indeciion. What drink do you erve? Do you jut make finger food, or put out an entire pread? Add to thi the fact that you are done with the whole chip, dip, and cocktail affair – omething a little more ophiticated i in order. You have already ent out your invite, and thank to all the procratination, the d-day ha arrived and you are unprepared and undecided a ever. Panic kick in and the world tart wirling. Hold on to your hore, we undertand your predicament and are there for you. How about treating your guet to ome fine whiky and a elect pread of epicurean delight?To begin with, pleae note that you do not HAVE to erve wine alongide a cheee board – it’ not etched in tone, and even if it i, chiel it out. Whikey urpriingly pair quite well with cheee. All you need to know i that, jut like wine, whikey alo ha everal flavor note – ranging from fruity and flora, to nutty, woody and picy. There i a rule of the thumb – think about flavor that go well with a particular kind of cheee and then look for a whikey which echoe thoe. For example, Pyrenee Brebi i uually paired with red fruit. In the ame vein, an Auchentohan Three Wood, which i aged in Spanih Oloroo Sherry cak, contitute a good choice a it carrie note of black current which go well with the heep’ milk cheee.Jut becaue finger food conventionally invoke image of breaded, battered and deep fried tuff, it doe not mean you can’t break mold. If you don’t want to bake, you can eaily buy oda cracker off the helf. Dre ome peppery arugula or watercre with lime, alt and olive oil. Slice ome moked almon, or any moky charcuterie and place it on your board, along with the alad and cracker. Mix ome horeradih or waabi with our cream and callion and erve with the board. Your guet can create their own canape – a fun, exciting and engaging alternative to clinically erving plated food. The ideal dram to accompany the pread can be a Laphroaig or Taliker, a the mokine of thee whikie complement the umami flavor of the moked fih or charcuterie.We would advie you to keep away from dip like ala or humu. Intead, you can erve a moky bademjan, dreed with freh pomegranate kernel and mint. You can alo erve liver or kipper pâté on lice of toated ourdough bread. Don’t forget to rub your toat with a piece of garlic while it’ till hot for an unparalleled flavor. Really peaty ingle malt like Ardbeg, or omething a bit more complex with floral note like Highland Park will be tellar with the dip and pâté.It i quite imple – acquaint yourelf with the flavor profile of your whikey. Reading about it alo help dicern thoe tate which untrained palate ometime have problem with identifying. Once you know your range of flavor, it’ jut a clever job of mix and match to produce urpriing and wondrou combination.Credit: Macallan’ Pinteret PageA Deep Dive into the Ruty NailRuty Nail i known to be one of the mot popular Scotch Cocktail of all time. According to cocktail hitorian David Wondrich, the Ruty Nail made it firt appearance in 1937. It ha been categorized under The Unforgettable in The Big Book of Cocktail and tate very rough, a indicated by it name.Thi wonderful concoction i made by mixing Scotch (malt) whiky and Drambuie (a weet, golden colored 40% ABV liqueur made from Scotch whiky, honey, herb and pice) and i commonly erved in an Old Fahioned Gla.The moky avor of well-aged Scotch i abridged by adding Drambuie to the concoction, which make the aroma lightly weeter. It alo impart herbal nuance to it, without overpowering the characteritic undertone of the Scotch.Quite a few variant of the Ruty Nail are erved at different bar and retaurant around the world and variou well-aged liqueur are ued a the bae pirit. One ha to erve thi mix in gla full of ice-cube. The haken verion of thi cocktail i erved in a Stemmed Gla or a Martini Gla.Straight Up Nail i the neat verion of thi concoction, which i generally erved without ice or garnih.Make your own Ruty NailPour lot of ice into an Old Fahioned Gla and add 30ml Scotch to it. The Black Dog Centenary can be a good bet. Stir the Scotch well with the ice while pouring 15ml Drambuie into it. Stir the mix carefully and add a dah of lemon juice into the mix. You can ue cracked ice to keep thi drink chilled for a longer time. If you are a Scotch lover, we ak you to popularize thi once favored drink again, recuing it out of oblivion.Whikey Met Sandwich and It wa a Romance to RememberFew thing in life are more gratifying than inking your teeth into a toaty grilled cheee andwich oozing warm, gooey cheddar, on chilly winter evening. So atonihingly imple, yet o atifying— thi claic dih continue to reign among favorite. How doe one top uch a meal? By accompanying it with a choice dram, of coure. Here are ome idea for andwich and whikey pairing that are certain to elevate your gatronomical experience and make it a truly piritual one.Pour yourelf a gla of Ilay Scotch with that grilled bacon and cheee. The characteritic mokine of peat matche the fatty, alty meat and cheddar marvelouly. Scotch i unique becaue of it extra bite to the tongue. Cheddar too, ha a zing that i accentuated by the Scotch. The Macallan Single Malt and Johnnie Walker are both good option. Peaty whikie in general, uch a bourbon, are perfect with barbequed meat. The earthy peat heighten the lightly charred aftertate, while the weetne of the marinade erve to balance the mokine. Try a pulled pork andwich with a dram of Woodford Reerve. Your tate bud will thank you.A hot ham or patrami andwich dipped in a light gravy, i complemented plendidly by rye whikey. Rye i picy and grainy, with a tronger kick than bourbon. It combat the peppery, briny tang of the meat excellently. Rittenhoue and Wild Turkey produce quality rye whikie that are great choice.If a picy chorizo i your andwich meat of choice, why not wah it down with a weet bourbon? It will even out the chorizo’ pungent paprika heat without competing with it robut flavor profile. The Jack Daniel Single Barrel make a prime candidate for pairing, a doe the Four Roe Small Batch.Whether you like to whip up your own andwich creation or haunt your favorite diner, make ure to pair it with a gla of fine whikey next time.