There’s just one word for Sam Ross-prodigy. Ross started off at a vulnerable age of 15 in a café. While he worked the coffee machine day in, day out, he slowly fell in love with the antics of mixing a cocktail. The ever-smiling boy with an unmatched love for hustling bars counters grew up into a dashing man with charming eyes. But, what sets him apart is his undying passion for cocktails. No wonder he came up with a unique one, a cocktail that’s easy to mix and easier to remember, courtesy its unmistakable taste and robust flavours.

As if paying a tribute to the carefree days of a childhood long gone, Sam name his signature cocktail Paper plane. Wait, wondering who Sam Ross is? Why, he’s the barman extraordinaire behind The Penicillin, the shining star of New York’s Milk & Honey.

Inspired by the complex herbal drink The Last Word, Sam’s Paper Plane is deceptively simple yet extremely endearing a drink. One of those that stays with you long after the party has ended, the light dimmed, and the room emptied. Here’s a drink that can give you company on days both hot and cold. And, here’s how you can

The Process

The recipe calls for bourbon. You can take your pick, but just for the sake of the perfect drink, go the Smooth Ambler. This fine blend from Pernod Ricard with its fruity palate and subtle caramel aftertaste work like magic with zesty Aperol and the spiced Amar Nonino.

To make the Paper Plane, take equal quantities of your favourite bourbon, Aperol, Amar Nonino and freshly-squeezed lime juice in a chilled cocktail shaker. Shake well till blended. Strain into a chilled gimlet and decorate with a twist of lemon peel. Enjoy!