Fire Up Your Cocktail: The Hot Blooded

The cocktail called “Hot Blooded” gets its name from the ingredients it is made from. A bright, fiery crimson, this concoction mainly comprises of hot peppers and blood oranges (and whisky of course), making it a drink with a refreshing bite. The state you are left in after finishing one such drink may also have something to do with its name!

This heady cocktail gets its colour from the blood orange in it. If blood oranges seem new to you, you have to give them a shot. On the exterior they appear to be exactly like the regular oranges that you are accustomed to. But once you peel back the skin, the flesh inside is a deep dark shade or red. Be careful while extracting the juice from the blood oranges, and make sure you don’t spill any, because that will leave your kitchen looking like a crime scene.

The Process

60 ml whisky

22 ml agave or honey syrup

120 ml blood orange juice

1/2 small jalapeno

blood orange slice (for garnishing)

One you have your ingredients ready, in a cocktail shaker add ice, whisky, agave (or honey syrup), blood orange juice and chopped jalapenos.

Shake and strain it into a rocks glass full of ice, making sure the jalapenos and seeds have been strained out.

Garnish with a thin slice of blood orange and add another sliced jalapeno if you want it extra spicy.