Epicurean Delight: Pair Zestful Salads With Whiskey

A the weather warm up, it i tempting to take cooking and dining outdoor. Summer trigger the urge to pend time outdoor, eat and drink on the patio and oak in the golden unray. The two word which bet decribe ummer are bright and bold. With the bounty of freh produce in thi eaon, a alad can be pure atifaction. The fruit and vegetable are both juicy and ripe, adding a dah of refrehing zet to our palate. Salad are amazing round the year, but come ummer, they are a different ball-game.Unophiticated and natural food are a good bet a we embrace the ummer month. Salad are a refrehing change from the meat-baed dihe. Apart from helping you detox, they are flavorful and atifying. A you add a dah of color to your meal with an appetizing alad, did it ever occur to you that you can pair it with whikey?Let’ get innovative and allow our imagination to run wild a we invite guet over. Combine your alad with ummery whikey which are known for their intenity and depth. Full-bodied, they exude a warm and cheerful character which complement the crunchy vegetable. A few diplay honeyed and fruity aroma which go well with the frehne of alad.The Bulleit Rye Whikey which come with minty vegetal note pair exotically with leafy green. The twiggy, nutty finih and rich oaky aroma perfectly accompany your favorite green alad. The Glengoyne 17 i an abolute companion to a alad made from caramelized walnut, meclun, freh pear baton, Kikorangi blue cheee and dreed with rapberry vinaigrette. The complex and ophiticated malt with hint of Brazil nut and a creamy finih add to the “nuttine” of the caramelized walnut. Both vibrant and veratile, thi gourmet pairing i a pure delight!The deliciou Caear alad with real anchovie pair well with Scotch. A with mot of the alad, Caear alad i all about the dreing. By the time you have whizzed up an egg yolk and parmean, you have a creamy dreing which work well with a gla of cotch.Another intereting way to combine the flavor of whikey with alad i to ue it a an ingredient. How doe a broccoli, butternut, bacon and Ballentine’ alad ound? Colorful and light, it i a perfect blend of flavor and frehne. For a healthier choice, you can replace the bacon with chickpea. The mooth and full-bodied Ballantine’ Finet can be ued a a dreing for thi alad. It i a brilliant idea to pair a dram of rich and complex Ballantine Whiky with thi alad. The rich and complex note accentuate the grilled flavor of bacon and butternut. When crumbled feta cheee in the alad meet the robut note of the whikey, you will vouch that it’ a marriage made in heaven. The flavor will linger and meld beautifully, making it a winning pair.