Eating Some Not-So-Humble Pies with Whiskey

You’ve planned your menu with impeccable finee. The frehly-caught ea ba i poaching in a pan, immering in juice of it lime-ginger marinade. A medley of vegetable, handpicked carefully from your grocer thi morning, netle in the oven to roat. Bottle of the finet Scotch it perched atop your bar counter, lined up invitingly. Each coure mirror a fine culinary ophitication.Needle to note, deert i not an afterthought. For many, it i the ultimate culmination of a truly gratifying meal. Jutifiably, the epicurean in you balk at the propect of your guet electing the wrong whikey to accompany their weet. Ill-matched combination can do more than lightly mar the palate— they may upet the flavor of an entire meal.Pie have alway been an integral feature in my book of deert.  Paed down acro generation, family recipe have never failed to delight and provide a heartwarming comfort. Some of you will fondly remember thoe day, when after returning from chool, the tantalizing trail of baking pie crut and fruit would lead you traight to the kitchen. And what can be better than marrying your oul deert with a dram of your coveted whikey?A rich ginger pie pair perfectly with a gla of a weet, woody ingle malt, like the 18-Year-Old Macallan Sherry Oak. The Macallan’ crip note of weet oak balance the piquant, buttery ginger without detracting from it.You can erve a warm pumpkin pie with ubtle and mooth ingle malt, with picy note. The Glenrothe Select Reerve pair quite well with thi time-honored Thankgiving deert. The luciou, ripe fruitine of the whikey accentuate the nutmeg and cinnamon in the pie, while delicate nuance of vanilla and citru in the Glenrothe lend new dimenion to the dih.A pecan pie i decadence erved in a dih – a heady concoction of ugar, butter and rich pecan nut. A picy rye whiky, with a big flavor profile will be perfect to wah down a pecan pie with. You can try ome Lock Stock & Barrel with the pie. The picine of the whiky cut through the richne, while it dark herbal flavor bring out the nuttine of the pecan.It will be blaphemou to leave out the mot-loved entity of the pie kind – the apple pie. Anything weet and floral, with citru undertone pair well with apple pie. The Glenmoraigne Nectar D’Or i matured in cak previouly ued to age Sauterne, a French deert wine obtained from botryti-infected grape. It i delicate, triking a perfect balance of weetne, pice and zetine, jut like the apple pie.So, what are you waiting for? Crank up the oven, uncork your bottle and it down for ome whikey and pie.