Bourbon Black Forest Cocktail

Winter is essentially the perfect weather for whisky. When hit with a drop in temperature and everything is grey and gloomy, it is whisky that our drinking glasses inch toward. Through the season, we’ve all made the Whiskey Sour, Manhattan and the good Old Fashioned over and over again.

How about having fun creating your own whisky concoctions for this New Year’s Eve party? For instance, why not create desserts you can drink? Everyone loves a classic black forest cake with oodles of chocolate. A sweet, smoky whiskey such as bourbon can transform this dessert into a stylish winter cocktail that packs a punch. Bourbon gives this warming dessert a subtle, yet bold lift - a perfect way to treat yourself and loved ones while bidding adieu to 2017.

This popular American whiskey with its pleasant caramel tones is a great mixer for cocktails. Novices and connoisseurs of whiskey alike - both take fabulously to this favourite. Its well-balanced flavour profile along with its versatility, makes it a mainstay on menus.

The Process

In a cocktail glass, begin by building the base with a cherry. Add ice cubes to a cocktail shaker along with 60 ml bourbon, 20 ml cherry brandy, and 1 teaspoon Kahlua. Stir for 15 – 20 seconds and strain it into the cocktail glass. Delicately float a bit of heavy cream on top of the cocktail. Sprinkle it with sieved cocoa or scatter some grated chocolate to round it up with a pretty garnish, and serve it immediately.

Say goodbye to this year, and the wonderful festive season by getting your last shot at creativity for 2017. Craft this delicious cocktail, and don’t worry! Bourbon’s got your back!