Bourbon Ball Cocktail

World Chocolate Day, celebrated on July 7th, also commonly referred to as International Chocolate Day is a day of celebration for all chocolate lovers worldwide. It is a day to celebrate all things chocolate, to consume it in any manner you love, and to spread awareness about the many health and aphrodisiacal benefits of chocolate.Exceptionally tricky for a whiskey lover that fancies a drink no matter what day it is, World Chocolate Day presents us with an opportunity to conflate the love for both with chocolate infused whiskey cocktails!To help you celebrate World Chocolate Day with one of the most tantalizing whiskey cocktails, the Bourbon Ball, as delicious as it is easy to make. Let us get started.


  • Rabbit Hole Bourbon - 90ML
  • Kahlua Cream - 30ML
  • Hazelnut Schnapps - 30ML
  • Heavy Cream – As Per Preference
  • Whipped Cream – For Garnish
  • Chocolate Shavings – For Garnish

The Process

Step 1: Add Rabbit Hole Bourbon, Kahlua Cream, Hazelnut Schnapps and heavy cream to a cocktail shaker.Step 2: Shake well until all the ingredients are mixed well.Step 3: Pour into tumbler glass and garnish with a dollop of whipped cream. Sprinkle chocolate shavings on the drink.Enjoy the delicious Bourbon Ball whiskey cocktail and celebrate World Chocolate Day in style!