Behold the Rye Sidre

The Rye Sidre stands out as somewhat of an unusual cocktail just by its very title! So what is this strangely christened beverage?

A mild and pleasant surprise imbued with the secrets of a monastery located in a remote French chateau and the softness of bourbon-- that’s the Rye Sidre for you. The unique mixing and layering style of this drink spills into its taste profile, which starts on a light, playful note, then giving way to a bold effervescence before culminating in a richly aromatic finish. Easy to make and easy on your tastebuds, Rye Sidre is complex enough to keep you and your guests sipping to the end.

Although it is recommended that you use a rye whiskey for the concoction, any other whisky works just as well. For a bit of the bite that is characteristic among rye whiskies, a spicy, peaty scotch such as Aberlour makes for an excellent option. Another key ingredient that gives it its name is the dry cider. If you cannot find the brand used in this recipe, try a similar kind with about 7% ABV.

Chartreuse is a phenomenally versatile liqueur, and comes in yellow and green. Although it is hard to find a substitute that is at par with it, Strega or Benedectine liqueurs come quite close.

The Process

Mix 15 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 dashes orange bitters and 30 ml of your favourite whisky, preferably rye, or even bourbon in a wine glass or copper drinking cup. Add some crushed ice and give it a good stir. Once they are mixed well, add some more of the crushed ice and 120 ml of Eric Bordelet Sidre Tendre. Cap it with some more ice and then top it off with 15 ml of Yellow Chartreuse. Insert a large sipping straw into the glass, and your sophisticated tipple is ready for consumption!