Baileys Irish Cream was launched in 1974 by Tom Jago and is prepared in Dublin, Ireland and Mallusk, Northern Ireland. This drink is an amalgamation of Irish whiskey and cream with the blending done to perfection. It has an alcohol content of 17%. You can use Baileys for preparing a wide variety of delicious cocktails. Following is the recipe of Baileys Irish Latte which is a hit among many coffee liquor lovers.


  • Baileys Original Irish Cream- 50ml
  • A hint of coffee flavour
  • One 20ml shot of espresso
  • Milk – one coffee glass
  • 0.9 units per serving

The Process

1. Pour boiling milk into a coffee cup with enough room for Baileys and the espresso at the top. 2. Add espresso to the cup. 3. Pour Baileys on top of the milk and coffee. 4. Sprinkle your drink with cocoa powder or crumbled chocolate, 5. Enjoy your Baileys Irish Latte The Baileys Irish Latte is the perfect morning beverage for cold, and lazy holiday mornings.