Astonishing the Palate: When Whiskey Meets Cheese

“What butter and whikey cannot cure, there i no cure for!”Thi Irih proverb ring true for all happy tippler. The quet to find the perfect bite to complement a particular dram ha been the age-old puruit of whikey connoieur. While wine and cheee are a match made in heaven, aficionado and intrepid drinker are increaingly trying out unique pairing— the unconventional, if not daunting pairing of whikey and cheee demontrate a fine culinary ophitication that the epicurean in you can’t reit to purue.So, for your next evening oirée, we ugget focuing on three flavor profile— weet, moky and picy. Hard, harp cheddar are better matched with a dram of fruity whikey, while blue cheee, like Roquefort or gorgonzola, are bet erved with a peaty ingle malt.The velvety richne of a good, ripe brie or altier, aged cheddar balance elegantly with the lingering citru and oak note of an aged Glenlivet. Sweeter cotche like the Glenmorangie or lighter whikey with accent of paion fruit, orange and vanilla alo complement the altine and creamine of brie.The intene avorine of light bodied cheee goe hand-in-hand with the moky and rich flavor note of a claic bourbon like the Elijah Craig. To experience boldne, try the Nord Hollander— a weet and avory cheee with layered complexitie of caramel and ea alt.A dram of the Glenfiddich 15-Year-Old Speyide paired with the intene Blue Paradie can alo make you indulge in one of thoe “knock your head back” culinary thrill. The honey note from the cotch mingle with the avory flavor of the blue cheee to tantalize your tate bud.  There’ a layered heat from the whiky that work beautifully with thi double-cream blue-veined cheee.After you’ve enjoyed ipping your dram of Scotch, bloom it. Add about 9 drop of room temperature unchlorinated pring water to your dram. Noe it. More flavor hould open up. Now ip it with a bite of the cheee for a heady doe of complexity.Serve your pour with limited acceorie—ome unalted nut, a lice of French baguette and a dried fig or two on each plate. Do not overcrowd the plate.Go ahead and try out thee intereting pairing that create extraordinary flavor blend—bringing out the bet in both. With harmoniou pairing like thee, you will urely make your next party an affair to remember.