Apple Whisky Sidecar

Traditionally, a blend of Cognac with varied liqueurs and lemon juice make a classic Sidecar. However, this drink reveals an interesting tale. And it all begins with the denotation of Sidecar, which literally refers to a motorcycle attachment. An American army captain invented and dedicated this drink to his motorcycle sidecar during World War I. That is where this cocktail is believed to have originated from in Europe. The first cocktail was made in Paris. The drink’s popularity from France followed subsequently to London.

Fast forward to 2018, and mixologists tastefully tweak traditional classics to a make an innovative variation. With apples in season, it is time to veer away from pies and strudels towards something sweet, ripe and fruity that you can cheer to-- cue, the Apple Whisky Sidecar! A wonderful melange of warm apple juice, the fresh tartness of lemon and the kick of whisky balance each other wonderfully in an Apple Whisky Sidecar. The freshness of the ingredients used in place of the packaged sour mix adds a delightful zing to the cocktail.

The Process

Dress it up! Treat yourself to a fancy piece of drinkware, be it a retro, coupe or a martini glass. Dip the rim of your glass in a shallow plate of lemon juice first, following by sugaring it. Let it dry for 5 minutes or so. Combine 1 cup bourbon, ½ cup fresh apple juice or frozen apple juice concentrate, ¼ cup orange flavoured liqueur, 15 ml simple syrup and 2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice to a cocktail shaker. Top it with ice. Shake vigorously until it gets frosty, and strain into your chic chilled glass. Garnish it pretty with apple slices.

Savour this warm and earthy cocktail in style.