Embarcadero, the Spanish for wharf also refers to the breathtaking landscapes in San Francisco, California. San Francisco’s windy terrain, the majestic sunshine bay burrowed against azure waters, pristine islands, and sailboats makes it picture perfect. Embarcadero happens to be one of the most scenic and liveliest areas in San Francisco along the water front, overlooking the Bay. The area and the city also have been at the helm of the cocktail and culinary evolution. Good food and interesting drinks have always been an exciting part of the fun experience in the city. One such concoction is The Embarcadero cocktail – a variation of the classic Manhattan, it is a tribute to the gorgeous waterfront. Inspired by the classic cocktail, this twist on the old cocktail replaces the Angostura bitters for the Amaro, and weaves the sweet, spicy and bitter notes with a cosmopolitan élan. Just as the Manhattan, the Embarcadero cocktail when created with Rye whiskey, makes for a perfectly balanced one with the blend of spice with the bitter sweet flavours. Here’s a drink that will make you reach for more. So, transcend geographical boundaries this summer and get a taste of San Francisco with this breezy cocktail. Here’s how you can

The Process

Before you begin, chill a rocks glass and keep it handy. Now, take a mixing glass or a cocktail shaker. Pour 30 ml whisky over ice. We recommend the good old blended Jameson’s or even a single malt like the Aberlour. Rye whiskey with its spicy, bitter notes also knits well into the embarcadero cocktail.