The 12th Element

A very popular food blogging channel has recently come up with a brilliant idea of airing shows that have everything to do with food (and drinks, obviously), but also include restaurants or bar reviews occasionally. Primarily these shows are divided into episodes and each episode has one popular chef hosting it and crafting his or her special recipes. This means, not only are you getting to know a number of chefs and cuisines and little tricks of cooking, baking and mixing cocktails, but also learning absolutely unique recipes that you can’t simply find elsewhere.

One such show is titled “Texas Transformation”. On the fourth episode of the first season, John Green makes The 12th Element, along with three other cocktails. Our guess is he simply named this cocktail after the famous 12 Whiskey, a lounge in Fort Worth, Texas, where the episode was shot.

The Process

In a cocktail shaker, pour one and a half ounces of sweet and sour mix, one and a half ounces of your preferred blended whisky and shake it for five seconds. Now put half an ounce of cinnamon schnapps in the shaker. Leave it for the moment. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, collect 15 ml of egg whites. Once you have done that, add the egg whites to the shaker and mix it well for eight to ten seconds. Strain the concoction into a Collins glass. We bet you can hardly wait to try it but wait a second, garnish your cocktail with a single maraschino cherry. The 12th Element is ready for you, so go ahead and take a long sip to unwind at the tired end of a day.

On a related note, you can add a splash of orange juice to make it appear more vibrant and taste slightly different from Green intends to be. But then, all’s fair in love and when mixing a cocktail.