Liquor Bottles from First World War Unearthed in Israel

An archaeological excavation, conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority, uncovered hundreds of whiskey and gin bottles—dating back to World War I—at a buried British barracks. 

The excavation team believes that the camp, located near the city of Ramla, was used by a military force commanded by Gen Edmund Allenby during the Battle of Jerusalem. Originally an agricultural building from the Ottoman Empire, it was later converted to house British soldiers. Apparently, the building burned down and the exact reasons remain unclear.

Ron Toueg, the exaction director, revealed his findings comprising “broken crockery and cutlery” as well as “soft drink and liquor bottles.” He adds, “It seems that the soldiers took advantage of the respite given them to release the tension by frequently drinking alcohol.” On closer inspection, it was discovered some of these were Dewar’s Whisky and Gordon’s Gin bottles.

During the dig, excavators unearthed flint tools dating back to the Middle Palaeolithic age. A tip of a swagger stick belonging to a Royal Flying Corps officer was also discovered—“the first item of its kind ever found in Israel,” according to Assaf Peretz, a researcher at the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Several other items including belt buckles, buttons, riding equipment, and British uniforms were also found.

Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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