Harbour Bar, Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace houses Mumbai’s first licensed lounge bar, the Harbour Bar. Harbour Bar mirrors  the mood, magic, and pulse of Mumbai. Step into this establishment, located in one of Asia’s greatest hotels, and you will know why. Taj Mahal Palace overlooks the Gateway of India, on Mumbai’s waterfront. The glamorous entrance, with its “mother of pearl” feel has  exquisite raised marble floors. Customers hopping into the bar can sit back and watch the harbour, while enjoying a select range of whiskies.

Harbour Bar has a fairly extensive whisky selection with an excellent single malt collection. However, you must try their Red Snapper, a gin-based cocktail, almost like a Bloody Mary, only better. Their Smoking Martini is another favourite- a mix of whiskey, Vermouth, and Smirnoff Black.  Their wine list is also something to look out for.

Its cosy ambience and intimate seating arrangement is the perfect setting to indulge in fine malts, unique cocktails, exclusive wines, and scrumptious tapas after a hard day’s work. If you happen to drop by, you must try “Harbour Bar 1933”, the creation of which coincided with the Prohibition Era. The story behind the cocktail is such that an American, who had happened to enter Harbour Bar during Prohibition, had demanded to be served a cocktail that had blow him away. The bartender had then concocted one with Indian fruit juices, which, today has become synonymous with this classic fine dining place.

Harbour Bar is undoubtedly sleek and reeks of opulence. The average cost for two is INR 3,500, plus taxes. Their global tapas menu, serving Spanish delectables, is in line with the international image that Taj seeks to promote. Fusion food served here includes guacamole golgappas, crab samosa curry, and golden apricot sushi. Visit Harbour Bar for a quiet evening of good food, and great drinks.

Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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