Fusion Whisky Unveils Indian-Scotch Blend

Blended whisky producer, Fusion Whisky Limited, is the pioneer of hybrid whiskies with international distillers. This Edinburgh-based creator has released the E & K – a limited edition of single malt Scotch whiskies combining spirits from Ardmore, and Glenrothes distilleries in Scotland, and malt whisky from Amrut Distillery in Bangalore, India. This iconic whisky was made in honour of Victor Bruce who modernised Indian railways in his tenure as Viceroy and Governor General of India, from 1894 - 1899.

Fusion Whisky’s innovative blend not only celebrates the historic ties between India and Scotland, but also the lives of Scots who contributed positively to other countries. This crafted whisky was created by Victor Bruce’s great-grandson Alex Bruce, who is an ace blender and managing director of Adelphi Distillery, based in Fife. Mr Bruce described the blends as an important new addition to the world of whisky, adding that the blends each have their own unique profile, and display both the respective  elements that various maturation climates can offer. It also simultaneously creates a new style overall.

“It can be a challenge marrying these very different flavours, but I think the outcome with The E&K is fantastic.” He further stated that being able to create a whisky in honour of his great-grandfather was a real privilege, and that he was also delighted to have been “involved with a whisky that is both a product and an example of the strong, positive and long-lasting relations between Scotland and India.”

Jim Millar, one of the directors of Fusion Whisky alongside David Moore and Graham Langley, said, “With our new fusion whiskies, we’ll continue to celebrate Scotland’s international friendships, as well as its global influence, culturally, economically, and socially”.

Since the launch of the new blend was announced, the pre-orders outnumbered the available bottles. This ground-breaking fusion will be available through select retailers for around £135. The E & K is truly a global, premium blend that not only spells innovation but unfolds a stunning story.





Whisky News source date: 
Thursday, January 11, 2018


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