Chinese Visitor Pays $10,000 for a Scotch Whisky

Zhang Wei made it to the headlines after paying 9,999 Swiss francs, which is approximately $10,000, for a glass of Scotch whisky at a Swiss hotel. He paid the whopping amount for an exclusive glass of an 1878 malt from the Macallan distillery.

The Devil’s Place Whiskey Bar at St. Moritz’s Waldhaus Hotel holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, housing a 2,500-bottle collection. They have forty seven variants of the Macallan collection, ranging from seven Swiss francs to 10,000. Sandro Bernasconi, owner of in North-eastern Switzerland, had let the Asian gentleman know that the Speyside malt was not for sale, when he had expressed interest in the most expensive Macallan.

The proprietor consulted his father upon repeated insistence on the client’s part. His father, who had run the hotel for more than two decades, had never had a customer order that particular malt. Yet he had given him the go ahead, even if it wasn’t paid for in advance. Post consultation, he served the 1878 special reserve, nervous in his act, lest the bottle’s cork disintegrates.  However, the two centilitre measure of whisky and its service went down quite smoothly.

The young aficionado’s name is yet to be released. Prior to his tasting, the bottle had been valued at US $51,600, which is a moderate amount in comparison to recent standards seen at whiskey auctions. But now that the bottle has been opened, the authorities are considering dropping the price and selling the remaining drams.

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, August 21, 2017