Call for “zero tariff” Brexit Scotch Whisky deal

Post Brexit, Whisky leaders are pushing for zero tariffs on the sale of Scotch in European markets.

In fact Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) have put forward a set of negotiations and chief executive Karen Betts felt that this is the minimum the government should deliver. Almost a third of whisky is exported to Europe every year, which already happens to be a mature market. The association is also targeting good sales in other overseas markets provided the government issues favourable terms in trading deals with 24 countries outside Europe. 

 The past two decades have seen Scotch whisky exports doubling in terms of value with a total sales of around £4.4 billion around 180 countries across the globe. However, the association feels that the business should continue its upward growth trajectory and the government should also cooperate to ensure that the trade with Europe continues seamlessly.     

 Apart from agreement on zero tariffs, a minimum of regulatory divergence and mutual recognition of geographical indications are some of the other demands that the Association will put forward to the government. The sector also needs proper attention when it comes to non-EU markets and the trade deals in UK should support that. While Europe has trade deals in place with more than 100 countries, 24 of these - including South Korea and Colombia are extremely important for the industry.

 The Association wants the government to have similar agreements with those 24 countries so that hassle free export can take place without extra cost and complication.

Favourable trade deals with emerging economies such as India, China and Brazil can boost industry growth significantly. The number of Scotch whisky connoisseurs are growing at a rapid rate in this part of the world and the Association plans to tap these markets aggressively.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018


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