Visit the ‘Home’ of Chivas - Strathisla Distillery

The oldest Scotch distillery in the world, Milltown— now known as Strathisla, was established by Alexander Milne and George Taylor in 1786. It was purchased by Jay Pomeroy in 1940, and later acquired by James Barclay of Seagram, through its main subsidiary, the Chivas Bros Group, in 1949.

Located at the heart of the picturesque and fertile barley-growing regions of Moray and Banffshire, Strathisla (formerly, Milltown) claims to be the prettiest distillery in Scotland— and justifiably so. Apart from this, the place also secured the title of ‘home’ of Chivas Regal. The largest selling Scotch whisky in the world, Chivas Regal, has Strathisla single malt as the key ingredient that contributes significantly to the noted mellow flavour of the scotch. Milltown started operating as a brewery of the local monastery, during its initial days. Later, it initiated whisky manufacturing, and retained the name of ‘Milton’ until 1870. It was renamed as, Strathisla, after the river flowing next to it.

Strathisla retains the oldest techniques of whisky making, as followed during the earliest days of alcohol production. The copper stills, oak casks, and wooden vats within the distillery, demonstrates the keenness of the distillery to hold on to traditions. Just the ‘middle cut’, or the heart of the spirit is matured in traditional oak casks.

Apart from being the predominant component in Chivas, Strathisla Single Malt Scotch Whisky is also used in Seagram blends including 100 Pipers Whisky. Strathisla is known for its distinct honey flavour, smoothness, and fragrance.


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