Whisky Woodland Punch

The thing about Whisky Woodland Punch is that while you can make it with just about any whisky-based liqueur or lighter bourbons like Smooth Ambler, you should ideally make it with Southern Comfort. There’s a reason why we suggest Southern Comfort. If you look closely at any old SoCo bottle, even as old as the ones that were released in 2009, you will find a sketch of a plantation on the label. That plantation is none other than the popular Woodland plantation. Established in 1830 and renovated into an inn around 1999, Woodland has a complex history. Most people believe that a cocktail very similar to the Woodland Punch was the brainchild of Foster Creppel, owner of the estate. The Woodland Punch that you can now order at a pub or make for yourself is an improvisation. The other predictable connection between SoCo and the drink is that the distillery is located in Louisiana just like the plantation.

All we can say, it is a refreshing and comfortable drink. With summer looming in the horizon, you better keep this one handy!

The Process

In a cocktail shaker, pour two shots of whisky and a quarter shot of Cherry Heering or any other cherry liqueur and give it a shake for ten to fifteen seconds. Now add half a shot of freshly squeezed lime juice and two shots of freshly pressed pineapple juice and shake for another ten seconds. Strain the concoction into an ice-filled Collins glass and top it with a little soda, this only serves the purpose of your drink looking awesome. Stir gently for half a minute and unless you want to take big gulps and finish your drink real quick, we suggest you place a straw, sip the Whisky Woodland Punch, and unwind taking your own sweet time.

Welcoming Summer with Lavender Peach Whisky Popsicles

Thoughts of sultry, greasy summer days make us all uneasy. And because it does, we start thinking of things that offer some respite. Well, travelling to nearby hill stations might be a great idea, but that joy is bound by lack of time and funds. Wondering what isn’t? Homemade popsicles, mate! Here’s an easy recipe that doesn’t take more than twenty minutes and the best part?  You get to add your favourite whisky in it! For 10 awesome popsicles, you will need…

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Creamy Whisky Sauce

What makes a weekend better than relaxing with a glass of whisky and some delectable food to go with it? A bucket of scrumptious fried chicken spells comfort food. What about a creamy whisky sauce to accompany it? Uses for whisky sauce are nearly endless. It’s versatile, delicious and simple to make. A little wine and sliced mushroom can jazz things up. Experimental cooks find many uses for a basic white sauce and its fancier counterparts. The best part of it? It goes well with anything, from spicy to sweet.

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You have had summer cocktails with whisky at their core. Light refreshing drinks such as the Bourbon Rickey, the Horse’s Neck, a Blinker or a Mint Julep. And then there are the heart-warming cocktails for the winter. You might prefer a Hot Toddy, or a Blood and Sand, maybe an Irish Coffee or a good old Manhattan. Mint, orange and lemon are great for the summer cocktails and coffee is great during winter, but what most whisky lovers are almost unaware of, is that curry makes a great pair when it comes to whisky, be it summer or winter. Most people at first don’t know how to react when they hear whisky and curry leaves or curry powder. But even though you may not have heard of this combination before, trust me, scotch and curry are as good a combination as any. The savoury, robust flavours of the curry are intense and stand tall against the flavour of all good Blended Scotch Whisky. The complexities of the flavours erupt on the taste buds, with this incredibly well balanced whisky cocktail. It is best to use a scotch such as Clan Campbell, with some peat smoke accentuating its flavour. You could also use a Ballantine’s 17 Year Old. There is no point in complicating things with 30 year old single malts. It is a simple drink to create, and is splendid for summer afternoons. Don’t be prejudiced towards the curry, just give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. Curry up now, or forever hold your peace.

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