Whiskey in Every Bite

Sam Mason of the OddFellows Ice Cream Company in New York recently created three flavors of heady goodness using Irish whiskey— sherry caramel, Dead Rabbit Irish coffee, and burned marshmallow.

Atlanta-based chain The Ice Cream Bar offers up a host of flavors. A particularly delectable-sounding one is the bourbon butter pecan, made with roasted pecans, caramel, and of course, lashings of a prized Kentucky bourbon. Each pint weighs in at an 8 percent ABV.

Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream has recently made headlines and caused quite a stir among New Yorkers. Melissa Tavvs, a professional ‘scoop sommelier’ churns out artisanal hand-crafted delights that pack in a 5 percent ABV in each scoop. With flavors like Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon Bourbon, Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, Vanilla Bean Bourbon and more, why would Tipsy Scoop not be all the rage?

Ice Cream Wasted, an ice cream bar in Plano, Texas, takes it a notch further with its range of vegan friendly ice creams that use coconut milk and are completely free of dairy or egg. Flavors are seasonal and change every month. However, no walk-ins are accepted, and reservations for a tasting session must be made ahead of time.

Brigid Calloway of Ice Cream Wasted has held a long term fascination with liquor-infused frozen treats. Formerly a chemist in the pharmaceutical , oil and gas industry, she transferred her molecular skills into her passion and perfected the art. All this, despite naysayers who insisted she couldn’t possibly freeze alcohol. With flavors like apple pie with an apple whiskey and cinnamon liqueur, and ‘French Toasted,’ made with maple and butterscotch whiskey, Calloway is certainly on to something. and has come into her own.

The Process


Kentucky Cousin

Is Kentucky Cousin a variant of tea? Or is it in fact a cocktail? If you swear by bourbon and completely depend on tea when you wake up in the morning to kick start your day, Kentucky Cousin is what you can call your go-to cocktail. This amazing cocktail is not just a perfect drink after breakfast, but also offers a refreshing break from your schedule at the tired end of a day. While some people avoid adding the heavy cherry liqueur, we recommend you do. The fruity flavour accentuates both the bourbon and the tea. As of the bourbon, we suggest you pour in a Maker’s Mark, a Basil Hayden’s, or even a Booker’s to give this concoction a real twist. So if you want to avoid drinking because you drank the day before, don’t feel guilty at all. Just tell yourself the cocktail has fruits and it’s mostly tea!

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Chicken Casserole with Whisky

Casseroles as we know it today, goes back to 20th century America, when lightweight metal and glass cookware became available for commercial use. However, cooking a one-dish meal in earthenware containers has been popular across nations for many centuries now. Casseroles are made with chunks of meat or fish and chopped veggies bound together with rice, flour, potatoes or pasta, and sprinkled with grated cheese on top. Liquids release from the meat and veggies and additional liquid is added in the form of stock (or whisky, if you are in the mood for jazzing things up). Slow-cooked and often prepared uncovered, casseroles are served  both as the main course or as a side dish.

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The Rising Sun and the Amber Tide: Pairing Whisky with Sushi

Typically, a whiky connoieur i a man of habit. He it with a gla of Jim Bean after a heartwarming dinner, haring a weekend round with equally dicerning peer – or relihing a olitary moment with hi ingle-malt and bedroom lipper.Fortunately, Eatern cutom are turning thi picture upide down.Where the meal revolve around community, and decorum i right up there on the top helf with a 1955 bottle of Glenfiddich’ finet, the hot can’t afford to pay homage to a ingle guet’ preference. A modern table in Japan ha everything from wine (the norm for food-liquor pairing) to whiky and beer.And the trend i gradually preading – a meal today i much more than a matter of routine. With diner contantly looking for new and exciting inpiration for their next night out, the uhi-whiky duo i quickly croing culinary border.At firt glance, the mildne of eafood may eem too ubtle to contend with a well-rounded cotch. But uhi i more than jut raw fih. A mix of our vinegary rice, the oy recalling a harp malt, the nori’ earthine and a warm intenity from waabi, thi Japanee delicacy i mirrored in the layer of a good brew. The Nikka Coffee Grain, for example, i a Japanee favorite – a light, fruity alternative to the peatine of Wetern blend that pair well with the delicate hade of uhi.The flavor don’t jut touch a common bae – they converge and complement each other for an exquiite balance. Suhi add a dah of umami – a meaty and intenely moreih hint – elevating the whiky’ bitter warmth and weetne. The palate i enfolded in a volley of unexpected flavor – the boldne inherent in Aian cuiine a perfect match for a robut blend. Glenrothe’ 12 Year (bottled in 1990) pack a punch when it come to tate – woody and picy (almot anie-like), it’ the perfect example.A more readily available, but equally powerful, option i Johnnie Walker’ Blue Label – it complex and layered weetne recall hazelnut, honey, and dark chocolate, contrated by a hint of pepper. A perfect alt-ugar balance when enjoyed with freh tuna.When you think about it, the natural alt in almon or eel, or mio’ touch of brine almot conciouly reflect it ditilled partner. And the pundit are taking note – Amami’ Whiky Night in Brooklyn and the 5-coure experience at Mohi Mohi, San Francico are jut two of the latet event that blend Japanee food with whiky.A Japanee pin on the tapa bar, San Francico’ Nihon offer unique blend – jalapeno and mio for the tongue, Nigiri with a Suntory 12 Year for the oul.

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