Stirring Up History with the Mamie Taylor

A drink named after a prima donna of an opera company from Ontario, supremely popular in the 1900s but forgotten in the coming years, that’s Mamie Taylor for you. The very popular singer-actress, Mamya Taylor is rumoured to have requested a ‘long, hard drink’ after one of her performances at a downtown bar. And the bartender in charge was only too eager to please the princess. But the drink that graced the table was nothing like what she had ordered. Golden and gorgeous, served in a tall glass shimmering with a cold sheen of moisture, the drink was soft, smooth and perfectly sour. Mamya and her entourage loved the drink and asked for the name. The witty bartender behind the mischief wasted no time in saying, “Why, but that was a Mamie Taylor you just had!’ and the cocktail was born. In his book Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails, Ted Haigh claims that the Mamie Taylor was the most popular cocktail of its time. The subsequent fallout the cocktail is surprising. But whatever be the truth, the drink was one of its kind.

The Process

By pouring 60 ml of favourite Scotch whisky, 20 ml of freshly squeezed lime juice, 30 ml ginger syrup, and 90 ml ginger ale, or ginger beer. Now, take a long glass. Empty the Scotch, top with the lime juice, and follow it up with the ginger ale, or ginger beer. Stir to combine. Break a sprig of mint and float it on top. Add a lime wedge over the rim of your glass and you’re good to go.

Put on some good music, may be an old record and sip on the Mamie Taylor. The drink that had the starlet under its spell is sure to woo you too.

Dirty Dancing: A Work in Chocolate and Whiskey

Katherine, he called herelf. Katherine Hepburn. And it wa he, being her delectable ay, fearle elf, who once winced, “What you ee before you, my friend, i the reult of a lifetime of chocolate.” Katherine wa, indeed, a work in chocolate. If you know, or of Katherine, and if you have ever had the euphoria of eating chocolate, you’d definitely tutter in your tep. Now if we have etablihed that chocolate are more than proceed cocoa bean to you, let’ pique your deire for good whikey. The complex bitter, weet, floral, and woody aroma of whikey are preent in chocolate too. Paring the right dram with the right bite can be the beginning of an affair, a tour de force reminicent of young, giddying love. Gue we got ome of that endorphin ruhing through your blood tream? Good.Like whikey, chocolate ha different make, proceing method, and provenance, all of which determine it flavor profile. Striking the right cord in tying thee imilar flavor profile in union bring out the intoxicating and enorial complexitie of both. It follow then, logically, whikie with more peaty and moky profile complement more robut tating chocolate. But the whiky and chocolate tango i no a traight a it might ugget. Sometime, contrating element, in tandem with the pairing of the larger flavor profile create magic on the palate.The percentage of cocoa olid preent in a particular kind of chocolate determine it quality and tate. The kind of cocoa bean ued, and their grinding proce alo contribute toward the texture and tate of the chocolate. In order to dicern flavor, and arrive at a uitable match, there are a imple et of procedure to be followed. Begin with ipping a little bit of your whikey, letting it coat your palate. Note what you tate. After you have wallowed the alcohol, wait for a few econd. Place a mall piece of the chocolate in your mouth, and let it melt gradually. Check how the whiky aftertate marrie with the chocolate’ variou flavor note. End with ipping a little bit more of the whiky once the chocolate ha melted quite a bit, to wah over thoe flavor together.Let’ ay you have ome Jamaican bean dark chocolate. A chocolate of thi profile would be predominantly earthy, with ditinct floral note, including the preence of nut and olive. The rounded vanilla, almond and toffee note of a Macallan 15 Year Old are enhanced by the chocolate, bringing out it almot zety weetne. Now thi may ound odiou. The ame whikey goe awfully well with omething like a ginger and lemongra milk chocolate. The whiky enhance the pice in the chocolate, and make it tate more creamy and mooth. If you pair a 70% Nicaraguan dark chocolate with bourbon, like Buffalo Trace, the weet vanilla of the dram finih very well with the liquorice depth of the chocolate, which leave ditinct trace of tar anie, dried tobacco and green tea on your palate.Whikey and chocolate i a great love affair – and like all uch affair of the world, it i complicated. But it involve a complication which drive you dicover nuance you would never have imagine you’d purue to unravel. And if challenging relationhip are your thing, you’re in for a groovy trip.Scotch Mit, the Femme Fatale’ PoionWhile the non-dicerning drinker i more likely to be familiar with the lexical meaning of ‘Scotch Mit’, the connoieur’ mind will immediately conjure up an image of the velte Lauren Bacall. The drink made it Hollywood debut in 1946 in Howard Hawk’ materpiece – The Big Sleep. Incidentally, that wa alo the firt adaptation of the Raymond Chandler page turner for the ilver creen.Although, the image of the toic and perpetually moking Humphrey Bogart i etched in the mind of mot cinephile, whikey lover will remember the femme fatale Vivian Rutledge ordering a Scotch Mit. Interetingly, the origin of the drink are hrouded in mytery, depite being aociated with Philip Marlowe.The drink i a variation on the celebrated cotch on the rock combination. Served uually in a low ball gla that allow you to relih the heady aroma of cotch with every ip, it truly i a drink for all eaon. The lemon add a delightful and refrehing zing to the concoction. Remember to pack the gla with ice, after all it’ not chritened ‘mit’ for nothing.Mix your own Scotch MitTake a chilled low ball or rock gla and fill it with cruhed ice. Pour 60 ml of Scotch, a Dewar' Scratched Cak or The Black Groue will be an excellent choice. Take a liver of lemon and twit it o that the juice fall into the gla. Conclude by dropping the peel in the mix and erve the drink with a traw.

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The Island Voodoo

The unique blend of rye with Averna Amaro and limoncello is voodoo to the core with its rich, dark, and heady taste. Cast a spell on your friends with an unbelievably good drink, no witch doctor needed.

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Monkey Business with Blenders Pride [The Manhattan Cocktail]

The Manhattan is a true prodigal whisky based cocktail, named after the club where it was first created, The Manhattan Club, and since then, it has never been out of vogue. A particular favourite of partygoers all over the world, this delicious concoction may be lots of things, but three things it is for sure and they are – delicious, simple and easily adaptable to just about any kind of whisky you prefer! It is true that Bourbon or Rye whiskey can be an elusive and steep proposition at times, but with an exceptional substitute such as Blenders Pride at hand, you needn’t worry much about anything except for buying enough ingredients for all the guests that will form a beeline to your party. Blenders Pride is a fantastic blend of imported Scotch malts from none other than the Chivas Brothers, and the finest Indian grain whiskies making it an impeccable choice for whisky drinks such as the Monkey Business, an interesting spin on the Manhattan. Here’s everything you will need to whip up your new favourite whisky cocktail in no time.

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