Stirring Up a Ginger Storm

Perfect Storm, Tropical Storm, Winter Storm-- a string of cocktails originated with not having much to do during inclement weather conditions. They became an inspiration for the famous, seasonal Storm cocktails. One true classic is the Ginger Storm cocktail.

Ginger flavoured blends have always been popular as they are refreshing as cocktails or mocktails and draw flavours from chilled ginger beer or ginger ale. They make for the perfect summer beverages to relish in the sweltering temperatures. Ginger beer and ale are also great cocktail mixers.

For the booze hounds, stirring this cocktail with a few splashes of your favourite spirit, such as whisky, can land you a winning drink to sip on. The Ginger Storm cocktail was named so for its generous presence of ginger.

Texture of drinks is as crucial as its taste and stays with you until the end of the drink. The ginger texture with its flavourful bite and spice, gives an intensity to the cocktail that tames the potency of the spirit and hits your palate with varied notes.

Entertain your taste buds with this simple cocktail with complex flavours. This blend with the sweet and spice of ginger, the dry Curaçao and tart lemon juice makes this an explosively delicious drink with unusual flavours.

The Process

Pour 50 ml whisky of your choice, such as The Glenlivet or the Irish Jameson, 25 ml fresh lemon juice, 25 ml Dry Curaçao, and 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters in to a cocktail shaker. Mix all the ingredients well. Top it with 10 ml ginger beer and mix with a bar spoon. Pour the blend into a highball glass over crushed ice. Garnish with a rosemary sprig and warm coffee beans.

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