Sherlock & Watson

“Not guilty!” was the jury’s unanimous verdict on the charges of atrocities against a certain James Moriarty-- the name that could wake an empire out of its peaceful slumber. Yet, in the one instance that Moriarty sets foot in 221B Baker Street, Mr. Holmes, fully aware of the visitor’s intentions, offers him a seat and of course, a cup of tea. The tea is symbolic not only of the sophistication of the English way, but also the calm determination of Sherlock to hear ol’ Jimmy out. A cup of tea that would bear witness to Jim Moriarty’s prophecy of Sherlock’s fall. The tea plays a silent role of an on-screen audience, a part that this drink has been playing out for generations on and off screen.

Bingeing on the Sherlock series is probably one of the most agreeable things on a lazy Saturday afternoon. What goes with it better than sipping a cup of tea? Sipping a cup of the Sherlock & Watson cocktail. This elixir of tea mixed with the orchard fruitiness of a Highland scotch might just transport you into your favourite TV show universe. The sophistication of the Earl Grey and the maturity of the Highland scotch gives it the perfect balance.

The Process

To prepare the Earl Grey syrup, bring about 235 ml of water to boil in a saucepan. Once the water is boiling, dip and steep your bag of Earl Grey for 10 minutes and remove the tea bag. Add a quarter cup of honey to the saucepan and place over medium heat. Keep stirring until the honey dissolves completely. One the honey has dissolved, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool. The trick with it is to chill it before using in the cocktail.

For the cocktail, mix 60 ml Lochside Highland scotch, 15 ml Earl Grey Syrup, 15 ml of lemon juice, and 2 dashes of cardamom bitters in a cocktail shaker. Add some ice into the shaker and shake to mix everything together. Strain into a coupe or martini glass.

Now put your feet up, sit back and let Sherlock and Watson do the rest.

Whisky Smash using Blenders Pride [Whisky Smash with a Twist]

A closely related descendent of many a whisky cocktail, the Whisky Smash is a clever, slightly more tangy version of the Mint Julep and the Whisky Sour although it is a formidable drink in its own right. The Whisky Smash is more reliant on citrusy flavours, and complements the whisky very well which was discovered by Dale DeGroff, a powerhouse in the bartending universe. It is the quintessential summer whisky cocktail, and takes a fraction of the amount of work that most cocktails do. Perfect for a summer evening house party, or even a backyard barbecue, the Whisky Smash is not bound by the constraints of quantity either as you can easily multiply the ingredients aplenty to make an entire pitcher or even a punchbowl for all the whisky lovers at your party. Seeing as the drink was first created in New York, it uses Bourbon as the base spirit but the Whisky Smash works wonders with a quality whisky from any part of the world. If you desire a whisky that checks the boxes of great taste, affordability and be as smooth as silk, Blenders Pride is your answer to turn the Whisky Smash into a Whisky Cooler with remarkable ease. As premium as Indian whiskies can get, this drink transcends market segments as effortlessly as it goes down when you drink it. This makes Blenders Pride a complete whisky that can be enjoyed no matter how you like to take your whisky!

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Nothing makes a burger better when adding blue cheese, but now you've got double the cheesy goodness plus this rich whisky glaze that lets the golden flavour of the liquor come out and play.

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The Mint Julep is a popular American whiskey cocktail that has managed to attain an iconic status. It is perhaps one of the most well assimilated drinks in the American culture due to its historic association with the Kentucky Derby, an event that is as American as they can get. Chilled, refreshing and with the pride of Kentucky at its heart, the Mint Julep is adored not only by the drinkers but also by the people that make them. Why? Well, because preparing the Mint Julep is an easy task, superseded only by the task of feasting on one. The pride of Kentucky that we spoke of, is of course, Bourbon. In a lot of ways, Bourbon could be called the pride of America itself, distilled right there in Kentucky. The state is home to one of the highest concentration of distilleries in the world, and some of the very best. One such distillery is Rabbit Hole, a rather new one that has already made its mark among the people. Rabbit Hole Distillery’s Dareringer expression is our choice for the Mint Julep recipe for its smooth, flavourful goodness.

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