Perk Up with Pepper's Pride

Born in an upbeat pub in San Francisco, which goes by the name of Trick Dog, Pepper’s Pride is an improvisation on a traditional cocktail that came straight out of Josh Harris’s vintage cocktail book collection. Josh who? Josh Harris and Scott Baird are the owners of Trick Dog and are brilliant at what they do—crafting cocktails. They also recognize the shift that has occurred from going to a pub to get a cocktail to bartending at home and gladly introduces cocktails that need syrups and tinctures-- seemingly complex but unique concoctions that most cocktail lovers are looking for now.

Here’s one cocktail that has a very complex profile and to be honest, while it is not hard work making it, finding the ingredients might not be an easy task. But then we are also amidst a retail revolution, so feel free to preorder your sherry, liqueur and Bénédictine in case they are not available at your closest liquor store. You can look for replacements but we recommend you stay loyal to the ingredients if you want to truly understand how phenomenal Pepper’s Pride can be. 

Mix your own Pepper’s Pride

In an Old Fashioned glass, pour 150 ml of Bénédictine and another 150 ml of Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur. Give a short stir and pour 30 ml of Oloroso Sherry. We recommend you put Domecq La Ina Sherry or Hidalgo for the perfect flavour profile. Pour 30 bourbon—while you are at liberty to add your favorite bourbon, we would suggest a bourbon older than four years. Try Smooth Ambler or Maker’s Mark. Now, give your cocktail another short stir. Pour medium sized cubes of ice, leaving enough room for another ounce of your preferred bourbon to add on top, here’s your cherry on top. Garnish your cocktail with an orange peel.

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Blow ‘em Some Smoke Signals

Whisky cocktails have been created over the decades, with some becoming staples, and some gaining popularity across nations. Just as there are some whisky cocktails, which have been much loved since way before most of us even became of legal drinking age, there are some which are comparatively new, but have managed to become sensations among whisky lovers. Among this new breed of whisky cocktails, is the Smoke Signals cocktail, which incorporates smoked ice as one of the key ingredients. Smoke Signals was created by premiere mixologist Evan Zimmerman in the year 2008. This whisky cocktail consists of a sweet, nutty pecan syrup, a dash of amontillado sherry, whisky and a heady nose of smoked ice. The three core ingredients, pecans, sherry and whisky, are little bits of Zimmerman’s childhood in Virginia, which he combines in this clever concoction, allowing us to have a taste of it. And we love what we taste. Sipping a glass of Smoke Signals, is just like sipping Jack Daniels in front of a blazing bonfire. This is one whisky cocktail you have to try before you die.

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