Let’s admit it, we all love punches. Whether on a hot summer’s day, or at a grand Christmas dinner, a punch is irreplaceable. But, how many of us know that the punch dates back to the 17th century? British sailors would often pour themselves a drink of rum, lemon and spices to satiate their thirst. Later, different variations of the same concoction became synonymous with celebrations. Some would give the alcohol a miss, some would use a variety of different spirits. But, what’s a holiday season party without some punch? And, what’s a fun party without some spiked punch?

This cocktail recipe takes a simple, citrusy punch and shoots it several notches higher by adding a dash of whiskey. Here’s a punch with an Irish twist. Jameson Irish whiskey works really well in this concoction as its fruitiness complements the tangy flavor of the punch. So, roll up your sleeves and mix some Irish Whiskey Green Tea Punch. It’s easy-breezy and can be made in advance, so that you don’t have to sweat it out during the party. Could it be more appealing? Read on to find out how to make some and wow your guests for the next party

The Process

Take a big glass bowl and pour five cups freshly brewed green tea in it. Stir in ½ a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 cup of ginger ale, ½ a cup of honey, 1 ½ cups of Jameson Irish whiskey. Sprinkle fresh mint leaves on top before serving.

The best part of the recipe is, the ingredients can be adjusted according to your taste. So, go wild and splash in some more whiskey if you wish to. Have some fun while sipping on your next glass of punch.

Sinful Morsels: How to Make Chocolate Whiskey Truffles

Some matches are made in heaven. And, if it’s about finding one that does justice to your appetite, then it has to be whiskey and chocolate. Meld them to their extremes, or just let them play along – your taste buds will thank the heavens, for sure. In case, if you still aren’t sold on this, it’s time to pop in some chocolate whiskey truffles!These sinful morsels are akin to irresistible temptations. A boozy truffle suavely cuts through the lushness of cream and chocolate. Pack in an extra punch of dark chocolate ganache and it will sensuously coat your tongue just like a wooly stole hugging your body on a chilly evening.

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Cheat Day Treat: Whiskey Caramel Monkey Bread

Now, here’s a monkey that you wouldn’t want to get off your back (read hands). Ever heard of a monkey bread? This sweet, sticky, buttery delight came to America all the way from Hungary via Hungarian immigrants, and hit the streets of southern California around the 1940s. Some even say Nancy Reagan took such a liking to the monkey bread that she served them to the White House guests in the 1980s. Whatever the tales may tell, the humble monkey bread has wowed food lovers all over the world. Many sweet, and savoury variations of the recipe are eaten worldwide, mostly because how it can be easily pulled apart with just your fingers. But, why name such a sweet, sinful, delightful treat a ‘monkey’ bread? While there are way too many stories behind its naming, nothing holds a candle to the one you’re about to read. And, it’s got to do with monkeys, of course! Some say just like monkeys tear everything that they lay their hands on apart with their fingers, so do you while eating this bread. Hence the name, monkey bread. Traditionally cooked over coal fire in clawed pots, the more contemporary version of the monkey bread consists of blobs of biscuit, or bread dough, piled one upon the other in Bundt pans. If you like your sweet treats to be indulgent, and don’t mind all the sticky awesomeness, give the monkey bread a try. Take it a notch higher on the delectable scale, and add some whisky to your monkey bread. Considering the rich sugariness of the bread, a bourbon is the best choice when it comes to infusing your monkey bread with a whisky. The fruity smokiness of the bourbon, and its subtle notes of sweetness marries beautifully into the bread dough. A Kentucky Straight Bourbon works best with this recipe.

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Sea and Scotch Hot Chocolate

Whiskies distilled in the Islands lend a distinct character of the sea to a dram. A sip of an Island whisky will leave you with the scent of the salty mist of waves crashing onto rugged cliffs. Of the seven hundred or so islands dotting the cold seas around the Scottish mainland, only a handful of them are owned by distilleries. These islands endure their fair share of fierce environmental forces, but only one has translated the darkness of the archipelago into their tell-tale whisky-- Orkney. Orkney with its cold rains is home to the Scapa Distillery, second-most northern distillery of Scotland. The wetness also tends to lead to lesser loss of alcohol through evaporation. Scapa whisky is known for its nose of fresh sea air with a smooth, long finish on the palate. A sip from this whisky begins with a smoky fruit cocktail taste before being carefully cut through with the brine. So how do you turn this whisky into something that could take you by absolute surprise? Add it to a steaming cup of hot chocolate, of course. The exceptional flavours well aged in sherry and bourbon casks are a perfect mix with hot chocolate. The rich taste of the hot chocolate compliments the lightness of the whisky.

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