Lift your Spirits with the Sea Captain's Special

At a time when spiffy new cocktails are in vogue, revelling in the past is often a welcome change. After all, even the most foamed and smoked, avant-garde cocktail bars also rave over the classics. Why? Because the best of vintage cocktails have been groomed so perfectly over decades that they never become obsolete. Old is gold indeed.It’s not too hard to prepare one of these time-tested classics within the comfort of your home. And if you wish to go with a cocktail that requires a bit more than mixing the ingredients together and pouring in a chilled glass, then Sea Captain’s Special is an exciting bet. As noble as a sea captain, this classic cocktail recipe stays far away from the gaudiness of added thrills, frills and paper umbrellas. However, it definitely packs a punch with an upper deck of champagne which quickly imbues the high proof rye into your veins. As an added bonus, a dash of absinthe follows to soothe your stomach!So how do you mix your very own Sea Captain’s Special?For that you’ll need…3 dashes Angostura bitters2 ½ ounces Straight Rye WhiskeyAbsintheChampagneSugar CubeClub SodaThen you’ll have to…In a rocks glass, blend 2 or 3 dashes of Angostura bitters and ½ tsp sugar. Now, add a splash of club soda and slowly stir the concoction to ensure that the bitters and sugar grains are properly blended. Then add a large ice cube and slowly infuse rye whiskey into the blend. Finally, deck it up with champagne and 2 dashes of absinthe. Saude!

The Black Barrel Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned has to be the most accurately named whiskey cocktail, with an ironclad reputation that has endured for centuries, losing none of its charm. The harmony of its ingredients has helped the Old Fashioned cement itself as possibly the most revered cocktails ever mixed.Its compatibility with Irish whiskey makes it an impeccable choice to mix with whiskeys such as the Jameson Black Barrel, producing a drink that is so rich in flavor, one can almost taste why the Old Fashioned, never really went out of fashion.Irish Whiskey cocktails are typically simple, can be made at home with ease, and without breaking the bank on ingredients and the Black Barrel Old Fashioned is no different.

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Irish Whiskey-Infused Bread & Butter Pudding

Nobody needs an occasion to eat pudding. Most of us have grown up making several memories over pudding even before coffee came into our lives. With another year nearly gone by and leaving us hopefully wiser than just older, we think you should raise a toast to life for it’s not always unkind. And while you are at it, how about you make some pudding and put a little Jameson in it to perk up your day!

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The Golden Dram

A classic dram of aged, high-quality whisky like the Aberfeldy 12 Year Old calls to be savoured at leisure in order to be able to do it justice. Prepared using pure freshwater drawn from the Pitilie Burn which was known to contain deposits of alluvial gold, this whisky was christened ‘The Golden Dram’.

The elixir has a fruity, smoky and sweet caramel flavour profile, which unfolds gradually with each sip, reflecting its distinct character.

Although The Golden Dram cocktail can include any whisky of your choice, but the honeyed Aberfeldy dram is recommended, preferably the 12 Year Old variety.

Whip up this intriguing cocktail this holiday season and raise a toast with your family and friends. This cocktail is a modern twist to the classic Old-fashioned It accentuates the spicy, vanilla, and smoky hints of the honeyed dram.

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