The Japanese Whiskey Highball is a cocktail that has baffled many over the last few decades, except the Japanese, of course. It is simple, yet highly sophisticated, using only three ingredients – whiskey, ice and sparkling water.

One might wonder how such a simple concoction can turn into something sophisticated, well, that’s exactly where the Japanese step in.

After World War II, whiskey was highly consumed from the 50s till the 80s in Japan. This period gave rise to this a delightful cocktail which went well with or without food, and could be consumed at any time of the day. The Japanese, however, follow a unanimous and strict recipe for this drink. It is said that almost all through Japan, bartenders follow the same recipe except maybe in a few casual clubs. That’s where its beauty lays – in its tradition, the control of each element.

The Process

Keep a tall glass and hand-cut ice with no bubbles. Stir a single piece of carved ice in the glass till the sides start to chill. Then take out the melted water and pour a measure of whiskey (could be anything from Hibiki to Yamazaki) over the ice and add another piece to level the liquid and ice. Stir it clockwise thirteen and a half times precisely. Add the third ice cube and then top it off with two-thirds measure of sparkling water. After that, stir it three and a half times. Lastly, homogenize the whiskey and water without jostling the drink any further and gently take out the spoon from the glass.

Your drink is ready to serve.

Whiskey in the Crockpot: Slow Cooker Mississippi Ribs

These delectable slow cooker pork ribs are absolutely the kind of tumble off-of-the-bone delicate and tender stuff which you expect them to be. In light of the highly adored Mississippi beef broil formula, the dish gets an additional kick from a touch of hot sauce and some great old Jack Daniels.On the off chance that any gastronomical treat could give the undoubtedly American crusty fruit-filled treat (read pie) a run for its money, it may very well be the barbeque. The culinary convention of cooking meat lowly and slowly over roundabout fire, has turned out to be so pervasive throughout the years that BBQ itself speaks to a kind of popular culture, producing TV series, historically-engaged street tours, and have even produced combo dishes like the BBQ tacos.

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Giro d' Italia Cocktail

“Giro d’Italia” – literally meaning “a tour of Italy”, takes the sport of cycling to a different level with an annual Giro d’Italia cycle race. Since its inception in 1909, the Giro d’Italia’s annual race has gained popularity and features prominent riders from all over the world.Amidst tremendous energy, excitement and drama, this bicycle race primarily commencing in the picturesque Italian landscape, passes through neighbouring countries. This crucial global event in its 100th year is revered by professional cyclists as the most prestigious. It is one of the three “Grand Tour” races that also includes the iconic Tour de France and the Vuelta in Spain.The Giro d’Italia cocktail is homage to this significant, historic cycling event. It is dedicated to the world’s professional cyclists, and legendary champions who participate in the Giro d’Italia grand cycling tours. They exhibit feats of heroism with their epic climbs across the unpredictable paths that they ride through. A lot of distilleries and cafes participate in this event to motivate the riders with varied prized spirits, adding a gourmet angle to it.Whilst this cocktail can also be made with other spirits, whisky is the recommended one, inspired by the passion and indomitable spirit that defines the Giro d’Italia event. Here we share an interesting recipe with you that calls for a smooth, rich Bourbon to build this stirring cocktail.Mix Your Own Prestigious Giro d'ItaliaIn a cocktail shaker, smash 2 - 3 cherry tomatoes along with 3 – 4 fresh basil leaves. Muddle it well to draw the fresh, natural flavours.  Add 60ml bourbon whiskey, 22ml agave syrup, and 22ml freshly squeezed lemon juice and mix. Add some ice and shake it well to bring it all together. Strain into a rocks glass with ice. A green garnish of basil leaves completes this classic cocktail.

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Decadence On a Plate: Bourbon-Glazed Pork Belly

Canapés are an excellent party food option— served in easy-to-eat, bite-sized portions to allow your guests to partake and mingle at the same time. These succulent cubes of crispy, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly doused in a sweet and tangy sauce are perfect for entertaining. What’s more, the marinade is spiked with a generous helping of whiskey, which adds extra élan to the flavor. Not only do these bourbon-glazed pork belly morsels make a sophisticated hors d’oeuvre, they are satisfying to eat and sate the stomach. And to seal the deal, they are as simple to rustle up as they are delicious. Luscious and versatile, with alternate layers of smoky meat and tender, juicy fat, the humble pork belly is giving stiff competition to that classic favorite, bacon. It can be infused with a diverse variety of flavors and traverses several cuisines. Those of China and Japan incorporate pork belly into many delectable dishes, while in Germany, it is a central ingredient in a dish called schlachtplatte. Italians use it to make pancetta. Pork belly is gaining rapid popularity in both haute and basse cuisine. It has more than doubled its presence in American menus since 2012, and according to the USDA, Americans are projected to eat the most pork since 2004 in this year. Your guests will lap these up in no time at all.

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