It's Time to Do the Aberdeen Flip

Who doesn’t fancy a flip? The term ‘flip’ originated in 1695, when a blend of rum, beer and sugar was heated with a red-hot iron that caused the drink to froth or flip. It was used to describe a class of blended drinks.With the addition of eggs and even more sugar, the need for beer was gradually eliminated. Flip drinks essentially use well-beaten eggs for smoothness, and are poured back and forth between two shakers for that thick, frothy texture.The Aberdeen Flip is a modern twist on the historical flip by the Chivas Brothers. The cocktail is believed to have been named after their hometown. Tastes best with a deep, rich whisky such as the Aberlour or Chivas 18 that tames its sweetness and the use of eggs and chocolate results in an indulging, velvety cocktail.Here we share a great recipe of this unusual cocktail topped with a dollop of jam.Mix Your Own Aberdeen FlipInto a cocktail shaker with no ice, pour 60 ml whisky of your choice, 30 ml sherry, 1 whole egg, 1 ½ teaspoons honeyed spice syrup*, 2 teaspoons black cherry jam, and a dash of chocolate bitters. Shake it for 30 seconds and add ice to it. Shake it for a minute or so.  Strain the drink into a chilled cocktail glass and serve.*Make your own honeyed spice syrup. Bring 200 gms white/caster sugar, 200 ml water, 3 teaspoons honey, ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon, 2 - 3 whole star anise and ½ a vanilla pod to a boil into a saucepan. Reduce the heat and simmer for five minutes. Strain the syrup through a sieve and cool. You could refrigerate the remaining syrup.The wide world of whiskies with varied personalities and flavours prove to be great mixers. Stir the Aberdeen Flip, a truly rich cocktail with warming hints of fruit and spice.

Classic Hot Toddy Cocktail

Ireland is credited with developing the earliest versions of whiskey, and for being the most prolific distillers since the 1400s for a reason, and the reason is their insistence for adding whiskey to just about everything. We’re not complaining at all.The Hot Toddy is a delightful concoction made from Irish Whiskey that is not only a great drink for a cold winter night, but is even believed to be the perfect remedy to ward off a nasty cold, help with a good night’s sleep, and administer just the right amount of buzz.Ideal for a sipping drink, the Hot Toddy cocktail is simple to prepare. It is one of the few amazing ‘hot cocktails’ that isn’t just a cold remedy, but can help you feel relaxed like no other drink can because sometimes, a tea just isn’t enough.

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Whisky Bacon Donuts

Doughnuts or ‘donuts’ are a popular sweet snack, Dutch in origin, now consumed worldwide. They are usually deep fried flour dough, ring-shaped and topped with sugar sprinkles or sweetened dessert sauces. How about whisky-infused donuts with candied bacon for a wacky weekend experimentation?

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Whiskey-Stout Chocolate Ice Cream Float

When you come across a recipe which has chocolate in it and ice cream too, you stop. You simply can’t scroll down without reading it. Then there are recipes which not only has both but whisky too. These are the ones you know you will bookmark and definitely make. Whiskey-Stout Chocolate Ice Cream Float is one of those amazing recipes which is hassle free and hardly takes any time. If you think it is more of a summer cocktail than winter, think twice. Don’t you generally want a float with or after a heavy brunch? Don’t you crave a float anyway at times? We are all too tired of the classic cola float by now. Trust us, you are not going to regret this. Because it has beer, it helps you wash down the food that you are eating, and in case you are not eating, the ice-cream will fill you up for a good while. While you get to decide the stout beer, we recommend you put Old Scout bourbon to make this dessert cocktail as awesome as it should.

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