A Cocktail with a Bite: The Rattlesnake

In the world of whisky cocktails, a Rattlesnake won’t kill you with its bite. Rather, its ‘poison’ will leave you happily inebriated. The Rattlesnake cocktail is an interesting mix of contrasting flavours—whisky, egg white, syrup and lime—perfectly balancing out each other. There are subtle differences in the drink when it is mixed with different whiskies and syrup. While bourbon and maple syrup makes Rattlesnake a greatly balanced refresher, rye whiskey and simple syrup gives it an extra peppery bite.

To enjoy a Rattlesnake, you don’t need an occasion. Then again, with close friends, this smooth and frothy delight becomes an intoxicating indulgence. Its sweet, sour, herbal, and punchy notes ideally goes well with Italian food. A sumptuous meal with Spaghetti Aglio e Olio and Rattlesnake is definitely recommended. A few drinks down, it is hard not love its heady buzz. Harry Craddock in his ‘The Savoy Cocktail Book’ (1930) aptly quipped that a Rattlesnake cocktail could either cure its bite, kill one, or even make you see one.

While molecular mixology is grabbing worldwide attention, classical mixers like Rattlesnake are a reminder of how the age-old pantry staples can come together to become a winner.

The Process

For this recipe, you can try different kinds of whiskies and find the one that suits your taste.

First, chill your cocktail glass in the freezer. In a shaker, pour in 60 ml whisky, 22 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, 22 ml of egg white, 15 ml syrup, and about 8 ml absinthe (for extra punch). Shake the shaker vigorously for a minute. Add in a few cubes of ice and shake again for another minute. Strain the frothy mixture into the chilled cocktail glass. You can serve as is or garnish it with a dash of Angostura bitters and fangs (for effect), if you have some.

The Black Barrel Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned has to be the most accurately named whiskey cocktail, with an ironclad reputation that has endured for centuries, losing none of its charm. The harmony of its ingredients has helped the Old Fashioned cement itself as possibly the most revered cocktails ever mixed.Its compatibility with Irish whiskey makes it an impeccable choice to mix with whiskeys such as the Jameson Black Barrel, producing a drink that is so rich in flavor, one can almost taste why the Old Fashioned, never really went out of fashion.Irish Whiskey cocktails are typically simple, can be made at home with ease, and without breaking the bank on ingredients and the Black Barrel Old Fashioned is no different.

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A Hungover Cure For Hangovers: Bourbon & Sandwich

There once was a virtuoso who quite strangely ended up mastering the one-liner instead of the violin. As he fiddled on stage playing to his routine, Harry Youngman made a very pertinent remark – “If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late. ”Have a little too much to drink on a weeknight and you are sure to notice the acerbity of that observation. Hangovers can and will ruin your day. You can choose to put on your shades and sweat it off on your way to work, but that will hardly make you feel any better as the day goes on. The cure? It’s a tie between breakfast and a shot of bourbon. How about trying it all together into one neat sandwich?

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Summer is finally here. While for most part it is fine, few days inevitably leave us beaten. On those days especially, we feel like downing cocktails that can help beat the heat. Now, bartenders and mixologists have been working for a while to revive old classics with their creative spin. Summer gives them the chance to recreate the cocktails that are not just season friendly but meant to win hearts. With the help of these, they can also do away with age old beliefs that certain liquor like whisky shouldn’t be consumed in summer. The legendary Churchill is a classic example of this. This cocktail singularly proves to the world that whisky is just what you need in summer. If you are wondering about the Churchill connection, here’s a little background for you: Sir Winston Churchill was known for his love of whisky. During one of his numerous visits to the American Bar at the Savoy hotel in London, the bartender decided to create a cocktail exclusively for him. By drinking the Churchill today, we remember him not as the British Prime Minister but as a man, just like us, who was very fond of his liquor. To pay homage to the man, stir up a little Churchill. With just under 5 ingredients, you can have your own citrus flavoured whisky cocktail which is beautiful to look at and is immensely balanced in flavours.

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