Embarcadero, the Spanish for wharf also refers to the breathtaking landscapes in San Francisco, California. San Francisco’s windy terrain, the majestic sunshine bay burrowed against azure waters, pristine islands, and sailboats makes it picture perfect. Embarcadero happens to be one of the most scenic and liveliest areas in San Francisco along the water front, overlooking the Bay. The area and the city also have been at the helm of the cocktail and culinary evolution. Good food and interesting drinks have always been an exciting part of the fun experience in the city. One such concoction is The Embarcadero cocktail – a variation of the classic Manhattan, it is a tribute to the gorgeous waterfront. Inspired by the classic cocktail, this twist on the old cocktail replaces the Angostura bitters for the Amaro, and weaves the sweet, spicy and bitter notes with a cosmopolitan élan. Just as the Manhattan, the Embarcadero cocktail when created with Rye whiskey, makes for a perfectly balanced one with the blend of spice with the bitter sweet flavours. Here’s a drink that will make you reach for more. So, transcend geographical boundaries this summer and get a taste of San Francisco with this breezy cocktail. Here’s how you can

The Process

Before you begin, chill a rocks glass and keep it handy. Now, take a mixing glass or a cocktail shaker. Pour 30 ml whisky over ice. We recommend the good old blended Jameson’s or even a single malt like the Aberlour. Rye whiskey with its spicy, bitter notes also knits well into the embarcadero cocktail.

Herby Delight: Rosemary Peach Maple Leaf Cocktail

The sun has cast off its shroud of mist, the air is warm and the sugaring-off season is right around the corner! Come spring, the maple woods start waking up. The touch of May stirs up magic – goading a surge of rich, sweet maple sap - ready to be tapped from the trees and boiled down to a rich, sugary syrup. So, why not celebrate the arrival of spring with a classy cocktail that infuses the deep and woody sugariness of maple? Maple syrup blended with peach, rosemary and lemon juice makes for an intriguing mélange that’s worth sipping with friends while sitting on the porch and soaking up the sun. With ice, the hidden flavors exude a pleasing herbaceous whiff which is sure to excite your taste buds.

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Irish Coffee Flip

The Irish coffee is perhaps everything you would expect when you hear its name; a Whiskey cocktail that is as Irish as can be. A simple, yet delicious preparation, an is prepared with an espresso shot, Irish Whiskey and fresh whipped cream.With regards to who invented the Irish coffee, there are many claims like the one from Joe Sheridan. He invented the Irish Coffee when he was head chef at a restaurant and coffee shop at the Foynes Airbase, County Limerick, Ireland in the early 1940s.While Stanton Delaplane, a travel writer for San Francisco is credited for making it world famous.Nevertheless, the tantalizing taste of the Irish Coffee flip on a cold winter morning is just the thing to spice things up just a little bit. It is one of the few whiskey cocktails that are compatible with ingredients such as coffee and whipped cream.

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Whisky Sour Cocktail with Blenders Pride

First mentions of the very preparations of this delectable indulgence date back as far as 1870, but the Whisky Sour continues to enjoy its status as one of the world’s favourite whisky cocktails, and something bartenders learn to prepare very soon in their careers.What makes the Whisky Sour so popular? Is it the tantalizing blend of flavours from its ingredients or is it the presence of whisky in it, or perhaps it is both?The fundamental reason that makes the Whisky Sour so famous, or rather infamous is just how absolutely easy it is to prepare, and that just about any whisky would do. Although if you prefer an alternative that is as exceptional as your favourite whisky itself, Blenders Pride is the ideal alternative.Owing to its incredible smoothness, Blenders Pride is a stunning example to use as the perfect base spirit for your very own innovative Blenders Pride Sour!

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