The joy of putting together a home bar that embodies the prestige and personality of its owner is euphoric to say the least. Flipping open the cabinet of your little paradise at a party is one of the few extraordinary pleasures of life that we all deserve.

Now the things to keep in mind when stocking up your treasure chest full of these valuable spirits from all over the world are diversity, quality and most importantly, the balance between tradition and novelty.

A lot of times, many bar owners erroneously stock up on the most familiar names in the world of alcohol, and miss out on expanding their horizons when it comes to owning a truly expansive and envy inducing, one-of-a-kind home bar.

Whether it’s the most interesting interpretation of the world’s most popular Irish Whiskey, or an enduring Speyside single malt that has withstood the test of time banking uncompromisingly on the principles of quality and tradition, a complete home bar should have place for both and more.

Between the essentials and the eccentricities, we help you find the right choice of Whiskies and Whiskeys, allowing your home bar to be the embodiment of prestige, something your guests would appreciate and, you, would cherish.

1.The Glenlivet 15-Year-Old French Oak Reserve

Glenlivet 15 Years Old


‘The’ definitive Speyside single malt, any home bar devoid of the graces of The Glenlivet would be incomplete. Placed second on their core range of expressions, The Glenlivet 15-year-old embraces French Limousin Oak from the Dordogne region of the country. It retains the quintessential Speyside characteristics coupled with rich fruity notes with some amount of delicate spiciness, a desirable balance in an elegant spirit.

2. The Chivas Regal XV

The newest introduction from the house of Chivas Regal, the XV is a splendid blend from the trusted house of Chivas, it combines the more flavorful qualities of the Grande Champagne Cognac barrels used to finish the whisky, with the luscious notes of the Chivas Regal XV we have all come to love and treasure.

Chivas Regal 15 Blended Scotch whisky


3.Amrut Peated Indian

Amrut Distilleries created the first single malt whisky in India, and the Amrut Peated Indian is a brilliantly smoky expression that takes things to a new level altogether. Owing to the temperature and humidity in India, whiskies do not need to be matured for extended periods of time like in Scotland for example.

Amrut Peated Indian Whisky


4. Nikka From The Barrel

This iconic Japanese whisky brand is known to distill some of the finest whiskies ever produced, and have scored high on many blind tasting competitions worldwide. From The Barrel is not only Nikka’s most revered blends, but is also packaged in a stylish and minimalistic bottle, and packed with a 51.4% ABV strength.

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel


5. Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection

This iconic India whisky brand had been ruling the market for nearly two decades before the Reserve Collection hit the markets. A blend of the choicest imported Scotch malts from Chivas Brothers, married with the finest Indian grain spirits, the Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection is finished in barrels using the Solera method lending it an extraordinary quality that is the best of both worlds.

Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection

6. 100 Pipers 12-Year-Old

An immensely popular brand of blended Scotch whiskies, the 100 Pipers 12-Year-Old is placed above the standard expression for the brand, placed in the premium segment. The brand is established on the legend that ‘when you taste a good whisky, you hear a piper play; but when you hear a truly exceptional Scotch whisky, you can hear a 100 Pipers play,” and it certainly lived up to it.

100 Pipers 12 Year Old

7. Ballantine’s Glenburgie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Although Ballantine’s is known predominantly for their magnificent blended Scotch whiskies, the Glenburgie single malt from this iconic brand would be a head-turning, worthy inclusion in any home bar. Ballantine’s surprised the world when they revealed they were releasing a single malt Scotch, and followed up the pleasant surprise with an overwhelmingly positive product.

Ballantine’s Single Malt Scotch Whisky


8. Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

Jameson is the world’s bestselling and widely known Irish Whiskey, and for good reason. The standard Jameson expression is extremely popular at bars across the world as an ideal whiskey for cocktails, and a supremely smooth neat whiskey. The brand did one better by experimenting with stout barrels used by local brewers to finish their whiskey, creating the Caskmates Stout Edition, a great alternative to the already impressive standard Jameson.

Jameson Caskmates Irish Whisky


9. Woodford Reserve

A lot of good American whiskey brands get clouded by Jack Daniel’s popularity all over the world, and if you are looking for a quality Bourbon to expand your collection, Woodford Reserve is the perfect choice. It is a delightfully flavorful Bourbon with a high Rye content at 18%, and has an age-statement of 6 years. This is an excellent straight Bourbon whiskey that will engage a lot of curiosity from your guests when you bring it out of the bar cabinet.

Woodford Reserve

10. Laphroaig Quarter Cask – Single Malt

Circling back to the land of Scotch whisky, we visit the Isle of Islay, represented wonderfully by Laphroaig with their Quarter Cask expression which has been doing well since it was first released in 2004. It is matured for 5 years in American Oak barrels before it is filled into quarter casks, hence the name, for a few more months, putting it into greater contact with the barrel, and making it an even smoother whisky.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask


11. Crown Royal Black

Crown Royal is the flagbearer for Canadian whiskies worldwide, and their standard expression is immensely popular for its smoothness. The Crown Royal Black was introduced in 2010 as an alternative to the standard expression, with a higher proof level. It is matured in charred oak barrels and makes for a compelling inclusion for any home bar.

Crown Royal Black


12. Johnnie Walker Green Label

The only blended malt whisky from Johnnie Walker, the Green Label has enjoyed a tumultuous past as it has been discontinued in 2012, before being re-released in 2016. With an age-statement of 15 years, the Green Label is one of the few blended malt whiskies in the market, as most blends available are a mix of malt and grain whiskies, and would be a unique inclusion since it hasn’t gained much popularity as the Red LabelBlack Label and Blue Label expressions from the Johnnie Walker stable.

These are the most unique, and commendable choices for people who are looking to expand their home bars with an informed and prestigious choice of whiskies from all over the world.

Johnnie Walker Green Label


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