A lot of people visibly recoil at the very mention of planning a house party, and they are not to blame since it can be a daunting task to say the least. This harrowing activity puts your social stature at stake, and acing it could result in your next events being held in the highest of regards.

Devising a step by step list of things to do allows you to avoid being forgetful, and pay attention to the little things that do end up making a difference; like taking some time out to create the perfect playlist, or chalk out the perfect bar not just with bottles of alcoholic beverages and some cola, but stretch it just a little further by granting your guests a make-your-own-cocktail option!

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Our booze guide will help you hit the supermarket with a bulletproof list of choices that will earn you the title of ‘the supreme party planner’, adding an entirely new set of skills to your repertoire.

Here’s how you can turn one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking experiences into a cakewalk, and bask in the glory of praise, and a roomful of guests with smiles on their faces!

Shopping for alcohol is one of the key components of a truly vibrant and happening house party, so let’s focus on understanding what you may need to stock up on. There are five major types of alcoholic drinks that are essential for a house party, and they are;

Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Wine and Beer.

We will help you pick out the best options, and to keep things as inclusive as possible, we will help you pick options that are a balance of budget friendly and the finest quality.

Helpful Tip: If you do absolutely treasure your glassware, stock up on loads of disposable glasses.

Let’s begin!


A very popular alcoholic beverage, whisky lovers rarely settle for anything less, and with a number of choices in the market, this could be a real problem area for a host who doesn’t necessarily drink.

For the most budget friendly whisky options, brands such as  Royal Stag  and  Blenders Pride  are the perfect options to choose from. For slightly more premium whiskies such as a quality Scotch whisky,  100 Pipers is a reasonably priced delight.

If you wish to be an even gracious host, and wish to accommodate even further whisky choices into your bar, opt for a  single malt with the stature of  The Glenlivet 12; or the  Chivas Regal 12 for an elegant  blended Scotch whisky.

The Jameson brand of Irish whiskeys too is an ideal choice for a smooth drink that blends perfectly into cocktails, something we would advise you to not do with Scotch whiskies.


Beer is one of the most commonly available alcoholic drinks that has a horde of options available in the market, and some of the more standard and popular choices are usually enough to choose from. Brands such as Budweiser, Heineken and Carlsberg have long been crowd favourites, and you won’t need to scratch your head further when it comes to beer.


Whether it’s shots; or something as simple as a Vodka Cranberry combo, we would suggest you stock up generously when it comes to this alcoholic drink. Vodka is one of the most popular components of a cocktail, and has been known to be a huge draw among partygoers.

Seagram’s Fuel vodka is one of the smoothest brands of vodka available in the market, and is a reasonably priced drink. If prices aren’t an issue for you, you could stretch your vodka options to include one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed vodka brands; Absolut.


Indian rum drinkers do always vociferously defend their choice of Old Monk, but there are definitely more options in the market. As the party host, it is completely your prerogative to choose a few more interesting drinks, or go with something logical.

If you are looking forward to pushing the envelope, and are in the mood to collect a few “Thanks for introducing us to that brand” comments, go for the Havana 7 Cuban rum, or if you prefer a delightful rum liqueur, pick the Malibu brand.

Both are wonderful choices, and will help you administer a pleasant surprise to your guests.


Red or White, a wine lover will never compromise their necessity for it, and if you have wine lovers attending, it would be advisable to stock up on some. Depending on your budget, there are a number of wine brands available in the market although if you are looking for something that fills out the criteria of quality and budget friendly, we would advise you to opt for Jacob's Creek. They have an impressive range of fine wines that will have your wine loving guests raving about it in no time!

Now that we have discussed the types of alcohol, and how to stock up with alcoholic beverages for your bar needs for the house party, let us move further to help you find a few ingredients that can allow some simple and easy ‘self-serve cocktails for your guests!

Cocktails such as the whisky based Old Fashioned, Irish Lemonade or the Penicillin; or Vodka cocktails such as the Vodka Tonic, Cosmopolitan or the Screwdriver, are easy and quick fixes.

Stock up on cocktail essentials such as Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Bitters, Soda, Lime, Sugar Syrup, Orange and Lime Wedges, Olives, Mint Leaves, Soda, and loads of ice to set up your own make-your-own cocktail bar!

This could be a breath of fresh air for your house party guests and they would certainly enjoy whipping up some delicious treats for themselves to enjoy. That concludes our booze guide and we hope it enlightens you with all the important information to throw one of the craziest and most-talked-about nights of the year. Cheers!