5 drinks that pair well with fish and seafood

5 drinks that pair well with fish and seafood

Enjoying a seafood meal with the perfect cocktail to pair it with is heaven. Finding a drink that complements the food always ends up being a super pleasurable experience and takes the meal to another level of satisfaction. But not everything goes with everything, and those in the business have a word or two to say about putting some research and work into pairing flavours and spirits that match well.

For fish and seafood, you need to make sure that the drinks you pair are not overpowering. For this, cocktails that are gin, tequila and vodka-based are the best. The other great choice and the first go-to for fish and seafood is white wine.

Of course, personal preferences rule, but having said, some universal favourites are always a hit.

Mai Tai and Lobster: The absolute best to pair with that tender lobster meat, Mai Tai is the drink of choice. The Mai Tai is infused with fruit, and that sublime sweetness complements the juicy, soft meat of the lobster, and together they make for a delicious meal. The other one that is a lobster match made in heaven is white wine Sangria. Fresh and delectable when paired with a well-cooked lobster, the fruits and wine together make for a kickass combination. Cannot go wrong with this one.

Shrimp and Bloody Mary: Bloody Mary is not a drink that everyone favours or can digest. This tabasco-infused tomato juice and vodka combination is intense, full-bodied, spicy and also the top companion when eating shrimp. They make the perfect partners in crime, and the kick of the spice in the cocktail is set off beautifully by the shrimp. In fact, shrimp can also be a fantastic garnish for Bloody Mary if one chooses to serve it that way. The consumption of Bloody Mary is not limited to nights; it goes perfectly well with the afternoon sun, and pairing it with a bowl of stir-fried shrimp can elevate the experience.

Gin and tonic with Fish: Gin and tonic is the perfect companion for fresh fish steak. Bubbling with freshness, gin and tonic when paired with grilled fish and salad, makes for a meal that gives pleasure beyond imagination. The other hit with fish, especially cod or tilapia, is dry white wine. The high acidity in white wine, albeit a good quality one that is light and bubbly, can balance out the flavours of the fish. Prosecco and fried fish is another pairing worth trying.

Whisky with Salmon: Common perception is that whisky is not the best drink to pair with fish or seafood, but if it's a whole-bodied salmon we are talking about, then whisky is a top pick. A well done grilled salmon that sits on the plate with some potatoes, vegetables and a dash of hollandaise sauce goes exceptionally well with any whisky boasting of a spicy concoction. The flavours of the whisky bring out the flavours of the fish and accentuate the palate. Another winning combination is Bourbon with a blackened Mahi. The bold, black, intense flavours of the mahi add to the complexity of the bourbon, and together they are ready to set many a table on fire.

Rum and crab cakes: Matching a glass of rum with crab cakes is a must-try. While crab cakes are snacky and do not qualify as a complete meal when talking about seafood, the combination works nonetheless. The flavours are well-matched and bring out the best in each other. For those who prefer to stick to traditional pairings, this one might seem a bit out there but given a chance, it has the potential to impress.

The best part is these are tried and tested combinations that work. Every single time. If there are some quick fire options that you are looking for, say for a party, these are all winners. If you are a kitchen geek, love experimenting and want to push the bar, mix some of these up and she what happens. Who knows you may end up with a pairing that is yet to be discovered. The culinary world will be richer through your experience!