The Rockford Reserve Fine & Rare Whisky

The Rockford Reserve Fine & Rare Whisky


The Rockford Reserve Fine & Rare whisky is made from the finest oak aged Scottish malt whiskies blended with charcoal filtered Indian grain spirits. The Rockford Reserve has a deep, rich golden color and warm and well-rounded nose.

History of the Rockford Reserve Whisky

The Rockford Reserve whisky is produced and marketed by Modi Illva India Pvt Ltd. The distillers date back their operations to 1959 when the first distillery was established for producing fine spirits. Along with The Rockford Reserve, the distillery blends and bottles all of Modi Illva’s premium Indian spirit brands.

Making Process of the Rockford Reserve Whisky

The Rockford Reserve is made using demineralized water, grain neutral spirit and Scotch malt concentrates. The deep undertones of this Indian whisky are offset by lighter, fresh top-notes. The taste is smooth, yet complex with excellent maturity and a soft sweetness balanced by oak and fruit. The Rockford Reserve offers a clean finish with good length and further hints of oak.

Alcohol Percentage of the Rockford Reserve Whisky

The Rockford Reserve Whisky has an alcohol by volume of 42.8%, which is typical of premium Indian grain spirits. The whisky is available in 180ml, 375ml and 750ml packs.

The Rockford Reserve Whisky Price

In India, The Rockford whisky price varies from territory to territory due to the variation in liquor taxation policies across Indian states and union territories. However, generally, a full bottle of The Rockford Reserve whisky costs between â‚ą1000 to â‚ą1500. To know exact price of The Rockford Reserve Whisky in your region, refer to the monthly liquor price list released by the excise department.


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