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Johnnie Walker Price In India

Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky now owned by Diageo that originated in the Scottish burgh of Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire. The brand was first established by grocer John Walker. It is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, sold in almost every country, with annual sales of the equivalent of over 223.7 million 700 ml bottles in 2016.

It is one of the world’s bestselling blended scotch whisky brands and is sold in almost every country, but not many know of Johnnie Walker’s history and the many different and diverse expressions that form a part of the brand’s inventory.

Founder John Walker began his journey with a grocery store in 1820, dealing in luxury goods such as wine, brandy, whisky, and other grocery items which he soon abandoned to deal exclusively in whiskies. John was blending whiskies based on customer specifications but could not blend single malt and grain whiskies together since it was prohibited by the law


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Johnnie Walker Black Label 750 ml₹3000
Johnnie Walker Red Label750 ml₹2550
Double Black Label 1000 ml₹3950
Johnnie Walker Gold Label1000 ml₹6000


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