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DSP Black Whisky Price in India

Director’s Special is a brand of blended Indian whisky that is widely available in India. It belongs to the economy whisky segment, and has been in the Indian market for many decades.

Director’s Special was introduced first by Shaw Wallace, one of the first major alcoholic beverage producers in India alongside United Breweries Ltd.

Origins of the brand are unclear, although it has been in business for over 4 decades. Under the Director’s Special brand name, Shaw Wallace had also released the Director’s Special Black, a slightly more premium expression of Director’s Special whisky. The Director’s Special Black whisky expression was released in 1988.

Shaw Wallace continued to own the Director’s Special whisky brand until 2005, after which United Spirits Ltd, owned by parent company, Diageo LLC acquired Shaw Wallace. The brand has done sufficiently well when it comes to sales figures with a strong presence in the semi-urban and rural markets in India.

Check out the DSP Black Whisky in India

DSP Black Whisky90 MLRs. 80
DSP Black Whisky180 MLRs. 150
DSP Black Whisky375 MLRs. 280
DSP Black Whisky750 MLRs. 560


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