Photo Deepak Kumar 2021-01-14 14:32:47

Dewars White Label Price

Dewars White Label Scotch is one of world’s oldest Scotch whisky. A blended Scotch whisky brand, Dewar’s is owned by Bacardi, acquired by the company sometime around 1998.

Highly rated, the tasting notes on the Dewar’s White Label whisky speak a lot about its taste. When you initially go in, you will notice a nose of peach and honey mixed with a hint of wood, apple and cut hay.

Dewars White Label is available in 200ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1000ml. Dewars White Label Alcohol Percentage – 40%.

Check out Dewars White Label Scotch Whisky Prices:

Whisky NameLocationVolumePrice in INR
Dewars White LabelDelhi180mlINR 420
Dewars White LabelDelhi375mlINR 750
Dewars White LabelDelhi750mlINR 1,700
Dewars White LabelKerala750mlINR 2,530
Dewars White LabelKerala750mlINR 2,060
Dewars White LabelMaharashtra750mlINR 2,650
Dewars White LabelRajasthan180mlINR 515
Dewars White LabelRajasthan750mlINR 2,075
Dewars White LabelTelangana750mlINR 1,790
Dewars White LabelKarnataka750mlINR 2,040
Dewars White LabelUttarakhand750mlINR 1,700
Dewars White LabelOdisha750mlINR 1,985