Teacher’s Highland Cream
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Teacher’s Highland Cream


Teacher’s Highland Cream is a blended Scotch whisky from the Highlands region of Scotland. It is a no-age-statement blend of nearly 30 source whiskies including single malt and grain whiskies. The malt content in Teacher’s Highland Cream is said to be 45%, with the rest being made up by grain whiskies.


The brand is named after its founder, William Teacher, who registered the brand in 1884, although the Teacher’s brand existed since 1830, the date printed on their whisky bottles.

Starting out by selling whiskies through his wife’s grocery shop in 1832, William Teacher continued to do so until 1856 when he ventured into the business legally, and never looked back. With the help of his sons, the Teacher’s brand grew and until William’s death in 1876, the company had adopted the name, William Teacher & Sons., William Jr. and Adam were left in charge of the brand.

Teacher’s Highland Cream was registered as a brand name under the leadership of William Teacher Jr., and Adam Teacher in 1884.

The Ardmore distillery was established in 1898 in order to ensure a steady and adequate supply of single malt whisky for the Teacher’s Highland Cream blend, and has continued to occupy that role to this day. The acquisition of the Glendronach distillery in 1960 was another investment by the company to ensure supply of source whiskies for the Teacher’s Highland Cream.

Teacher’s Highland Cream has consistently been one of the world’s bestselling blended Scotch whiskies owing to its robust quality and reasonable pricing.

Making Process

The Ardmore single malt forms the core of the Teacher’s Highland Cream blend, which is then married with other malt and grain whiskies with a high concentration of peaty single malts.

Ever since the Ardmore Distillery was established in 1898, it has always been the fingerprint whisky for the Teacher’s Highland Cream blend.

Alcohol Percentage

Teacher’s Highland Cream carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV, the permissible limit for Scotch whiskies.


There are no major awards or medals won by the Teacher’s Highland Cream expression.




Teacher’s Highland Cream Tasting Notes


Malty and smoky with notes of fruitiness and honey.


Lingering hint of peat, warming with a slow fading flavor.


Well-rounded, malty and peaty with traces of toffee and fruit.


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