Teachers 50 Scotch Whisky
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Teachers 50 Scotch Whisky


An iconic blended Scotch whisky from Glasgow, Teacher’s is a drink from the East Highlands, a region of Scotland famous for retaining smoky characteristics in their whiskies. Sourcing their single malts from Ardmore, Teachers is a brand with a significant portion of history behind their products and the years are reflected in their fine blends.

Although the standard expression from the house of Teachers is the Teachers Highland Cream, the Teachers 50, released in honor of India’s 50th Independence Day contains a unique blend of single malt and grain whiskies that is hard to come by.

The foundations for the Teachers brand were laid by William Teacher in the 1830s, capitalizing on the newly passed Excise Act of 1823. He procured a license to sell whisky and began running a ‘dram shop’ where whisky lovers would stop by and feast on drams of their favorite whisky.

Years later, when the Spirits Act of 1860 further allowed more freedom for sellers to mix and create whisky blends of their own, William Teacher put his expertise to good use by experimenting with a number of blends.

The Teachers Highland Cream came into being during this time when William Teacher was positively satisfied with a peaty drink with a high malt content, a drink with a complex and rich flavor that made him considering naming it after his own family name.

After he laid the foundations for the Teachers brand and created the quintessential Teachers Highland Cream blend, William Teacher passed away in 1876, leaving the responsibility and the Teachers’ brand into the hands of his son, William Junior, and his younger brother, Adam.

A rampant growth under the authority of William Junior and Adam Teacher saw increased sales and profit, the purchase of new land in 1895 with the purpose of building a new distillery of their own in Aberdeenshire in 1897. Adam died a year later without witnessing the completion of his plans although by then, the Teachers brand was well on its way towards glory.

Surviving Prohibition, and a decline in the number of operational distilleries in Scotland, while also scripting victories by beginning to export Teachers to the United States and the acquisition of the Glendronach Distillery defined the later years for the brand.

Fast forward to 1997, the brand released the Teachers 50, a 12-year-old blended whisky that commemorated 50 years of Indian Independence, strengthening their positioning in one of the world’s most prolific whisky drinking nations.

Teachers 50 Whisky Facts

A unique blend of 50 different source whiskies from all over Scotland, the Teachers 50 is created by blending together single malt and grain whiskies in a 50:50 ratios, carrying an age statement of 12 years. It means the youngest whisky used in the Teachers 50 blend, has been matured for at least 12 years.

Packaged in a bottle that retains the shape of the Teachers Highland Cream bottle with some changes made in the form of black accents and labelling, the Teachers 50 is rich amber in color, but is slightly darker than the Teachers Highland Cream.

Teacher 50 Whisky Tasting Notes

Drinking has quite become a part of different schedules of people’s life. While an excessive amount can be injurious to health, drinking as per limits can be beneficial on the other hand. Teacher’s whisky, from around 175 years has been a trusted brand for blended scotch whisky.

Teachers 50 Whisky History

Back in 1823 Excise Act was trying to shape the industries into a new form. A very less amount of distilleries were working openly. However, there were many that worked without being discovered or illegally. The founder of Teacher’s, William Teacher, by taking the advantage of the new enforcement of the law, created one of the biggest brands of the world.

In 1830, Teacher, received a license to sell Teacher’s 50 whisky from a shop. With the help of his mother-in-law, he started selling the whisky in her shop. Taking a step ahead in his career, he obtained the license to sell packaged whisky. He opened another shop to sell bottles of Teacher’s whisky to the patrons.

With the passage of time, William Teacher was soon the owner of 20 shops selling and earning well with his whisky business which soon turned out to be a reliable brand among the whisky lovers.

As compared to a standard blended whisky, Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky includes at around 45% of malt content and more than 30 various whisky tasted are merged together to give it a unique taste. This becomes one of the biggest reasons for the name and fame of the brand even today in the market. After a lot of hard work and efforts the brand has reached the position of success.


Teachers 50 Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes


Deep malty aromas with hints of pear and sherry maturity


Long finish with smoky and spicy tones.


Silky texture, with a rich taste of malts and smoke.


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