Sterling Reserve Blend 7
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Sterling Reserve Blend 7


Sterling Reserve is a brand of premium blended Indian whisky from the house of Allied Blenders and Distilleries, commonly known as ABD, the organization behind Officer’s Choice whisky, an economy whisky brand.

Sterling Reserve is available in two variants, the Blend 7 and the Blend 10, and is a blend of Scotch malts with Indian grain spirits, and competes in the Indian market with other established brands such as Seagram’s Imperial Blue, and United Spirits’ McDowell’s No. 1.


For many years, Allied Blenders and Distilleries had just one whisky brand in their ranks, Officer’s Choice and banked on its phenomenal popularity across the country. Owing to its competitive pricing, and use of grain instead of molasses based neutral spirits, it was a very popular choice among the Indian whisky drinking consumer base.

The launch of Sterling Reserve’s two new blends last year represented ABD’s decision to branch out and introduce competitive whisky brands in the premium whisky segment.

Making Process

Sterling Reserve Blend 7 is a blend of imported Scotch malts from different barrel origins and Indian grain spirits much like many blended Indian whisky brands. Not much information is available on the official company website owing to the relatively newborn status of the Sterling Reserve brand in India.

Alcohol Percentage

Like all standard whisky brands in India, the Sterling Reserve Blend 7 carries an alcohol percentage of 42.8% ABV.


The Sterling Reserve Blend 7 has not won any national or international spirits competition awards., although the brand did exceed the 1 million cases figure within 9 months launching the new product.

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Sterling Reserve Blend 7 Tasting Notes


Malty, with hints of fruitiness, peatiness and floral aromas.


Well-rounded, lingering and smooth finish


Malty with generous traces of oakiness.


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