Sterling Reserve Blend 10
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Sterling Reserve Blend 10


From the house of Allied Blenders and Distilleries, the Sterling Reserve brand of premium blended whiskies were introduced in the Indian market in 2018. Available in two variants, the Sterling Reserve Blend 7, and the Sterling Reserve Blend 10, they are no-age-statement blends of Scottish malts and Indian grain spirits.

Allied Blenders and Distillers claim the Scottish malts used in the Sterling Reserve Blends are obtained from Jardine Crescent, a brand named after an Alexander Jardine,


The Sterling Reserve brand is relatively new in the market, and there isn’t much history attached to the brand. Although, Allied Blenders and Distillers have been strong players in the Indian liquor industry, and own the Officer’s Choice blended whisky brand which is quite a popular whisky across the country.

The Sterling Reserve Blend 10 is placed above the Blend 7, and competes with Seagram’s Blender’s Pride, and United Spirits’ Signature in the Indian market.

Making Process

Like most Indian whisky brands, Sterling Reserve Blend 10 is a blend of Scottish malts and Indian grain spirits although the exact proportions of the blend are undisclosed.

Allied Blenders and Distillers claim their blend is chill-filtered and that the Scotch malts used in their blends are from different barrel origins.

Alcohol Percentage

Sterling Reserve Blend 10 carries an alcohol percentage of 42.8%, the standard limit for Indian whiskies.


The Sterling Reserve Blend 10 has not won or entered any competitions although the brand did manage to exceed the 1 million cases milestone within 9 months of their debut in the market.



Sterling Reserve Blend 10 Tasting Notes


Heather, with aromas of sweetness, barley and hints of fruitiness


Smooth, warm and lingering finish.


Mellow, citrusy and traces of vanilla.


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