Something Special Scotch

Something Special Scotch


Something Special is a premium blended Scotch whisky known for its iconic diamond-shaped bottle and unique name. Something Special Scotch is the No.3 premium Scotch whisky brand in South America, with huge admiration in the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

The award-winning blend contains the finest Speyside malt whiskies blended together to give this premium Scotch its signature smoky sweetness.

History of Something Special Scotch

The journey of Something Special Scotch whisky began when a purveyor of fine wines and spirits began trading amidst the wide thoroughfares and Georgian splendor of Edinburgh’s New Town. The business was granted a Royal Warrant by King William IV, and later by Queen Victoria. The finest grain and malt whiskies from Speyside were selected for creating the Something Special whisky, matured in oak casks of the highest quality. Here’s a brief timeline of the Something Special Scotch whisky brand.

1793 – Hill & Thomson establish a fine wines & liquor business in the town of Edinburgh.

1912 – Something Special Whisky is introduced by Hill & Thomson as “A Scotch for a Special Occasion.” Soon, the Scotch becomes popular in England and the world.

1959 – The iconic bottle of Something Special Whisky is introduced, featuring a distinctive diamond-shape as a statement of quality and originality.

1985 – Something Special Scotch is launched in Latin America and Asia where it becomes one of the highest-selling premium blended Scotch whiskies.

2006 – Something Special 15-year-old whisky is introduced in South America.

2010 – A slimmer version of the iconic diamond bottle is introduced to keep up with the times and taste of premium whisky connoisseurs.

Making Process of Something Special Scotch

Something Special Scotch is made from the finest Speyside grain and malt whiskies. The dram is aged in premium oak cask to give the whisky its signature nose, taste and palate. Something Special Scotch has a dry, fruit aroma with a soft, smoky sweetness. The whisky feels mellow, soft and fruity with a pleasantly rounded finish that lingers on the palate. The peaty character of Something Special Scotch comes from the single malt produced at the Allt À Bhainne distillery in Keith, Speyside.

Alcohol Percentage of Something Special Scotch

Something Special Scotch whisky has an alcohol percentage of 40%, a norm for premium whiskies in its category. Something Special Scotch whisky is available in 1L, 75cl, 37.5cl and 18cl bottles.

Something Special Scotch Price

In India, Something Special Scotch price varies from territory to territory due to the variation in liquor taxation across Indian states and union territories. However, generally, Something Special Scotch whisky is priced between ₹1500 to ₹2100.


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