Signature Premium Whisky

Signature Premium Whisky


India is known for its wide range of liquor production and of course brands which go easy on the wallet. The Indian whisky drinker has a wide variety of brands and types of whiskies to choose from, and these brands satisfy the pursuit of whisky for people on just about any economical spectrum of society.

One of the whisky brands in India is Signature whisky, known for its affordability and great taste, it is a whisky brand that has been around for many years. The brand is also known as McDowell’s Signature in many parts.

History of Signature Whisky

Signature whisky was introduced for the first time in India in 1994, and has since then established itself as a major player in the market. Manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, owned by Diageo Group, Signature Whisky is sold in octagon shaped bottles.

The whisky is a blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits, and crossed the 1 million cases mark in 2008-09, nearly 14 years after it was first launched in the Indian market.

The brand is a part of the premium whisky category in India, and competes with several other established whisky brands such as Seagram’s Imperial Blue and Seagram’s Royal Stag which is the market leader in the category, apart from other United Spirits Ltd brands such as Director’s Special and others.

Claessen’s International, a designing firm, based out of London designed the octagonal bottle and the packaging for the Signature brand. It is available in two variants, Signature Rage Aged and Signature Premium Grain.

Signature has been involved with a number of lifestyle events and tournaments for sports such as polo, tennis, golf and derby.

Signature Premier Grain Whisky Alcohol Content

The whisky carries a standard alcohol by volume strength of 42.8% which is the permissible limit for whiskies in India.

Signature Premier Grain Whisky Tasting Notes

The tasting notes of the Signature whisky brand carry a nose that is quite light with hints of honey and leather. It is a little smoky as well. Since it is a young blend, the palate brings about the smoky flavor more and the taste of molasses are quite evident. The finish brings about a taste of the grains and the peat and the cereals as well, that linger for quite some time. The Signature Premium Grain whisky is slightly different in taste from the rare aged one which has a feel of an old blend to it. So, it depends on how you like your drink to make the most of the two signature variants that you have at hand.

Signature Premier Grain Whisky Price

The Price of Signature Premier Whisky varies from state to state across the country. Signature Premier Whisky price in Mumbai will be different than the Signature Premier Whisky price in Delhi or Price in Bangalore


Signature Premium Whisky Tasting Notes


Attractive and distinctive aromas of bbq spice rub, chocolate nuts, and teriyaki jerky.


Smoked nut accented finish.


Wispy soft, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body.


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