Seagram's V.O. Whisky
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Seagram's V.O. Whisky


The Seagram’s VO is a Canadian blended whisky brand from the once highly successful Seagram’s corporation, and the name VO stands for ‘Very Own’. It has been said to be a blend initially created based on a family discussion, and for the personal preference of the family members, hence the name.

It was one of the most popular whisky brands from Seagram’s from to 1990s, along with Seagram’s 7 Crown American whiskey, and Crown Royal Canadian whisky.


The initial foundations of the Seagram’s brand were laid in 1869 when Joseph. E. Seagram became a partner in the Waterloo Distillery in Waterloo, Canada eventually becoming the sole owner of the company in 1883.

He named the company after himself and ran it until his death in 1919. A few years later, the Distillers Corporation Limited acquired and merged their company with Joseph. E. Seagram & Sons, retaining the name Seagram’s.

Seagram’s catered to the demands of the North American region, where demand had been plunged into decline due to the Prohibition in America. Samuel Bronfman, the man behind Distillers Corporation Limited, and now Seagram’s did not stop the distillation of whisky during Prohibition and was well-placed to take full advantage of the enormous demand created for liquor once Prohibition was lifted.

This contributed immensely to Seagram’s success in the North American market, a trend which continued until the late 1990s.

A major part of Seagram’s dominion in the North American market can be attributed to their three most popular brands of liquor in the region, the Seagram’s 7 Crown, Seagram’s VO, and Crown Royal Canadian whisky.

The Seagram’s VO (Very Own) is believed to have been created based on the discussions and preferences of the members of the Seagram’s family.

Making Process

Earlier bottlings of the VO carried an age-statement of 6 years although new iterations of the popular whisky have been replaced with a no-age-statement blend.

Blended Canadian whiskies are usually a blend of different grain whiskies such as corn, rye and barley although the exact information regarding the ratio in which the whiskies are blended is unavailable.

Alcohol Percentage

The Seagram’s VO blended Canadian whisky carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV (80 US Proof), the standard permissible limit for whiskies in North America (United States and Canada).


The Seagram’s VO Canadian whisky has not won any major whisky tasting awards or medals.

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Seagram's V.O. Whisky Tasting Notes


Juicy and aromatic with some amounts of rye, dried apricot and Oakiness.


Creamy, spicy and sweet with traces of honey, and caramel.


Medium with a sweet and spicy aftertaste.


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