Royal Pride Whisky
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Royal Pride Whisky


Royal Pride is an exquisite blend of the finest grain spirits and aged imported Scotch malts handpicked from the Highland, the Speyside and the Islay regions of Scotland. The imports include a very special Single Malt Scotch Whisky. To achieve this exquisite taste, the finest Grain Spirit is meticulously distilled in a state of the art distillation plant.

Our Master Blenders from Scotland then carefully blend in the aged Imported Scotch malts and a very special Single Malt Scotch Whisky to achieve a smooth, mellow and full bodied blend with a tinge of peat that delivers a sensational taste to your deserving palate!

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Royal Pride Whisky Tasting Notes


Sweet, honey & vanilla, a balance of smoke, peat and fragrances.


This rich and full bodied taste explodes on the taste buds followed up by fine toasted oak, taking your palate on a memorable experience.


Full bodied with a smoky peat and spicy character gives a fantastic balance to the blend.


This exquisite whisky has wonderful golden & amber colour.


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